Listen More and Talk Less — A Theoretical Guide

Listening is an art. Everybody should learn it, but I dare to say that only the strongest ones will be able to achieve it. At church, in the traffic, when working or studying, doesn’t matter. It’s a lifestyle that can be applied everywhere. I’ve appreciated this new way of living more and more and I would like to challenge you to follow this path with me. But I gotta be transparent and warn you about the consequences of doing it. It’s not easy but somehow possible. Be aware though that your life might change forever and you will possibly never be the same again. No way back, understood? If so let’s start!

I compare talking to a drunk man. The more you talk the more you need to keep talking. I’ve seen it many times and the reality is that for the most of us it’s impossible to live without it, simply put.

Talking is a drunk man. The more you talk the more you need to keep talking.

So when starting this process it’s CRUCIAL (thanks Mana) to know that your whole body will complain. Surely! Your lips will start to move alone sometimes like trying to say something important but not really. Your hands will start sweating and your legs to tremble. Anxiety will take control of your poor mind and fear of your weak soul. This little monster will try to devour you from inside while you prevent him to be fed. The most of the times you will be compelled for a power greater than you to throw up foolish words onto random people (even at street). It’s the insanity, it’s the dark side of the force, the evil nature, the damn decease trying to overcome you. Seriously, it gets hard and this battle could endure for a couple of weeks or even months along. But be strong, that’s just the beginning and you certainly will survive. Remember that the prize is certain and worth it. And just because makes sense I will call it as The Abstinence Phase. May be easier to remember when running through it.

After this phase your mind will start to be clarified. The sun of sanity will rise and something interesting will happen: you will realize the amount of rubbish you were used to speak and now you’re free of. Sort of a relief will sprout in your little heart and you will be motivated to continue the journey. It can be compared to Neo being set free of the Matrix and several things that once were covered will be reviewed then. You won’t have all the answers but you will know that they’re outside there, somewhere. Let’s call this The Hope Phase.

You don't have all the answers but you know they’re outside there, somewhere.

Don’t forget that at this point in time people might tell that you changed, and that's true. They also might say that they miss you and they want you back. The fact is that you cannot afford it anymore because you're quite lost, you are not the same indeed. You even don't know if the concept of reality is totally true now. So carry on and let the process rebuild you because that's your only hope.

But hope doesn’t remain forever (even because that’s not its purpose) and quickly a new phase will begin and that most certainly will bother you: I’m talking about The Wool Sweater Phase. In this phase you will notice that you were not the only one on this planet to talk a lot and you will see the amount of rubbish that comes out of people’s mouth constantly around you.

Hope doesn’t remain forever. It’s not its purpose.

Feeling alone you will try to contain yourself of trying to argue with people and some of the symptoms of the first phase might appear again. Be careful! At this moment you gotta take control of yourself and beat these little gremlins with cold silence and never, I said NEVER with your saliva. You will just multiply the problems so, believe me. Persevere because the next phase will bloom soon.

Well, as a light at the end of the tunnel this phase comes up to save and give you a new life perspective. If you’re about to give up remember The Pearls Phase. Here’s where you will start to believe in goodness again. In the midst of this constant exercise of listening to fools you will see that you’re not alone when you hear someone, an illuminated soul, pronouncing words of sanity. Rarity and like a pearl that was locked in a shell, those words will shine before your eyes and you will be delighted with its brightness. This kind of person is like a shell because like you they don’t talk much anymore but, when they do, only the ones that learned how to be quiet will recognise the real value of their words.

You will start to believe in goodness again. Someone is pronouncing words of sanity.

Now you found your crowd and like them you will learn the right moment to share your thoughts. You will see that they aren’t perfect but like you they have an intense wish for growth and improvement.

Eventually the last phase will arrive to you. I like to call it The Return of the Jedi Phase. Only this phase could yield a book but, long story short, from now on you will be able to indoctrinate your own Padawans. Really, it’s like repeating the process but with your pimples now. Good luck!

You probably have realised already that I've not even started this process yet. Proof of it is this long article full of foolish words, right? At the end of the day this whole thing might just be a waste of time. But who knows? I am taking this as a personal criticism. That's what I decided to do and if at the end of this journey I get something out of it I will let you know. Hopefully I will be a better person then. 😅