#BellLetsTalk It Helps To Talk.

Let’s talk, lets release all that poison inside of us, we don’t need to suffer alone. We don’t need to hide the issues we deal with. Let’s help each other anyway we can to open that book, read it all the way and learn the lessons, because that’s how change starts. 
Changes start within us and a little bit of help from the outside, and we need to understand — if we don’t sort and start solving our problems one by one (the mental ones) we never get rid of them. They just accumulate.

Our solution comes from within us, I will explain. The moment where you feel ashamed in a room full of party people and you can’t seem to socialize with anyone because of your personal awkwardness. Or that you can’t simply meet a new person because of unexplained self-shame. How do I break those rules, how to I revive myself out of this cycle of suffering, how do I pick myself up? How do I break the nature of nature? It only and only depends if you try or not.
Will you try to break your own behavior pattern? Change the way you think live and behave. It’s called evolving and sometimes it requires a friend which helps in need.

At that moment, look around you and just browse. Try to imagine that it is ok, just to sit down for a second and look around you. Maybe grab a small drink if you’re not driving. Just relax for one second and block the noise around you and think — “there are about 30–40 people in this house party how do I act normal not knowing anyone” — if you look around most people arrive with partners to an event (at least in my 30’s) and they are glued to their partner. Look for a social spot like the smoking area, there is always someone more depressed than you that just want to have a smoke.
As you make your way out grab a drink make sure you smile and act happy even if you’re going nuts inside.

Whenever a subject is sparked throw something relevant that’s how you know the response of your audience if they “dig” you or not. If you don’t know then you can ask a question like “I have no clue what are you guys are talking about anyone want to explain?” It helps to sound confident and people respond better when they see confident statements. Assuming they don’t know you they might be friendly towards you or not, if you get hurt by their response it’s not important it’s just a step. Because it doesn’t’ matter how many times you fall it only matters how many times you get up and hit harder and better and faster and stronger (maybe you won’t be the fastest and the strongest but you will be definitely stronger than before)

Very important rule to remember is it doesn’t matter how awkward you feel inside you must keep it inside and act and talk normal. Your mental issues are visible to others sometimes and you might be judged! Judgment is good when you use it in your favor, no one is perfect so judgment is just a way to fix yourself, remember that! Thank people for judgment your change will come by itself.

At some point you find yourself talking to a complete stranger who has different issues just like you and you can see them clearly and you are not bothered by it, because you understand that they are not your obstacle anymore they are a stepping stone.

Therefore you have to break the rules of nature, break your own stigma of “I am this and I am this” you are either what other people say about you or you are who you think you are, and thinking is doing.

Light mental issues are very common among regular day to day people like me and you, if we don’t talk about it and make sure we are repairing our mind constantly by looking positively at situations and learning new things. How do we evolve?

” You are either what other people say about you or you are who you think you are, and thinking is doing” — Eli Abbasov

“Time spent with cats is never wasted” — Sigmund Freud