“Debugger 97" and Ali Express Customer Service Chat

Many of you shop on Ali express and so do I…

I have purchased a special automotive locksmith device which allows me to write codes on transponder keys. The device called — AD-900 Key programmer. This device comes with a software and upon installing it you are in control of the machine through your laptop. In fact without the software you cannot use the machine.

“Debugger 97”


However in my case, I didn't even get the chance to operate with the machine. Because of something called “Debugger 97”, every time I try to launch the software to be able to make new ignition keys for any ignition that requires pre-coding (meaning writing the code on the key before programming it to the car) and I get stopped by this error.

The Issue! No reply!

I gave him a picture!

The seller doesn't reply and my protection plan ended a month ago. So I turned to customer service for help and they were extra nice. But, that’s all they were — extra nice!

They promised to get back to me with a resolution a month ago:

10 days have passed, and nothing.

Then they were extra nice!

I wasn't nice…

I was angry, I was well aware that my protection plan has ended and I probably won’t get my money back. But why don’t they tell me that then?

They were extra nice, again and again with no response ever scene.

“Guess it was their way of saying — go find yourself.” — Eli Abbasov

They told me to go find myself again:

I have been told to wait 24 hours for a response…

From all this chatting I can clearly see either a complete blunt leg pulling stunt to make me give up on my case, or an extra chill and cool approach of customer service even though you do not deserve one. they can simply tell you “sir we're sorry you exceeded the refund time period.” and be done with it. Instead Ali-express customer service seems to keep saying that wait is required. They have a verity of customer service characters as well — there’s bad guys and there’s good guys. The bad guys get personal with me and call me— “Mr Locksmith” the good guys on the other hand offer to visit me in Kitchener, Ontario Canada and some how end up doing some surfing with me. Hope they don’t lose their ignition keys (who am I kidding).

Interesting how they don’t seem to think before assuming there a surfing ground here in Waterloo region. A few lakes at most.

In the end we say good-bye and what do you think? — “24 locksmith hours” pass, nothing happens.

It’s OK they are not the first to test my limit, I will use my disorder on them. The disorder to not leave it the funk alone.