Digging Trails, New beginnings — Memo 8

I believe if you want to be a better business man and do something good with yourself then it’s best you check some kind of community projects around your area. Being more involved in your community and take part in something benefits both you and your community. Working on my own projects all the time and focusing on myself won’t just cut it for a guy like me. I like to get involved, contribute and learn something new along with meeting new people! That’s what being a business man is all about when it comes to social involvement, being open to the world around you is a good move.

Community service:

Servicing your local neighborhood is a very important part of your own development and team play. Sometimes going on a project and working on it with complete strangers is a great way to shine out and create a great first impression as a hard working team player. This trains you how to deal with real life situations and learn to lead the way sometimes. My best advice on local community service is stick to something you like and search for a local group that is all about your hobby. Join them for their social event and stay connected, involved and active as much as possible. It’s the greatest self training tactic when you want to take your mind away from your daily tasks and projects. I personally do mountain biking and I have lots of fun riding trails and hills pretty much wherever there is a good area for mountain biking.

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To be really involved you need to have fun, make sure that you actually like doing what your community projects requires you to take part in. Going for specific community events without having interest in the project is not as going to have a good time doing something you enjoy. Make sure you sign up for an activity which actually makes you have fun!

Nice Hydrocut Trails!

New beginnings:

I always say, even if you’re not so busy you have to keep yourself busy and stimulated with great activities. Never lose the momentum always keep your mind up and aimed at a certain direction so you don’t get lost. New beginnings don’t just come without doing nothing so it’s best to keep moving and always looking for the next hangout next event or just a great mountain bike ride with complete strangers. It’s fun trust me.


Recently, someone I know who calls himself Mattbarzz said that “balanced body is a balanced mind” 
I do agree because keeping it healthy with great activities and good physical exercise is a good way to release poison from your body and mind!
For your own sake whatever it is you are doing with your “lifestyle” make sure to do a few push ups ones a day!

For the finish I will add that sometimes keeping it healthy is hard and often frustrating, I work many hours through out the week and my locksmith business takes a toll on me sometimes. Remember, even if it’s hard to lift yourself up today trying it after 50 times will make it easier. Everything gets lighter, even your own body.

That’s it for today! Eli — Out!

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