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“Happy” Locksmith in Guelph — 5 Locksmith Facts

Your locksmith in Guelph is well prepared to deal with lockouts, lock changes, lock repairs and many more locksmith services.
There are many important factors in being a locksmith and I will name 5 of them:

😊 Attitude — certain situations can get us upset or even angry, especially if you are on the outer side of the door when being locked out. Every customer has the right to be angry and upset that he has to spend money and deal with this expense. Experience tells that not every customer is able to control his or her emotions; therefore right attitude at the right moment can save the day, or save your business. 
That’s why I always say; when it comes to business try your best to keep a good spirit. Nobody wants a bad spirit eh… OK, that was a bit scary.

😎 Consistency — Some customers wish to see you at a certain time or wish to book you in advance. Your consistency is a great first impression for your customer, meaning — showing the customer your ability to show up on time or call back about an update for a product the customer has requested.
Being consistent improves business to customer communication — since you’re not talking to your customer every day and you practically do not know this person yet you have a business relationship with him. By scheduling a follow up you are able to call your customer back with the information required and schedule another appointment. Business relationships don’t have to end quickly if you learn to be consistent with your customers.

👨‍🎓 Professionalism —Our days has changed and our communication style is different but overall being professional remains the same. Professionalism can be explained in many ways for example — finishing the job, delicate work ethics, keeping your cool, staying polite in an argument with the customer and etc… I suggest that you argue less with the customer, instead provide solutions to the situation and ask how you can help to solve the issue. Provide your technical skill as a solution, demand fairness and give a fair market price per service provided. Being professional sometimes don’t cost a thing, but worth a fortune.

😄 Happy — if I find myself locked out and I will be googling up “Guelph Locksmith” I definitely prefer to be serviced by someone with great personality and a positive attitude. No one wants a shady and a boring locksmith. Experience tells that most customers when asked if they care about their service person responded positively — meaning they wanted someone fun and cheering rather than someone bitter and non-entertaining. Basically if you don’t know how to cheer up your customer do not provide service. Take a vacation chill and come back fresh as a cucumber. In order to stay happy you need to stimulate yourself, there are many different kinds of stimulation out there. Another example is — hobbies which are a great stimulation for your mind and for your sense of achievement.

🤝 Gratitude — these days one of the most interesting outcomes of competition for a young business, in my opinion at least is “appreciation”. Well, it depends on how you view the world. 
In my eyes every customer is a blessing, in fact if you woke this morning it’s a blessing. Not religious or anything but I do feel this way, to me gratitude is when the customer decides to pick your service out of the bunch based on his judgment. Some can argue that many customers do not have time to think when picking a locksmith in an emergency so they just randomly pick and call. I do agree with this argument, but I still believe that some choose to call you because they like what they see. At least that’s how I like to shop, if I like the convenience or the colors or even the availability of a business I will give it a shot. Basically, whatever does it for me at that moment is shaping my buying and overall experience with this particular business which I picked.
Now; I am not saying that the customer is always right, but he is definitely has to feel that way. Simply because there is no “logic” in a customer’s mind, most of the time there’s “demand!”.
OK, sometimes there is logic LOL.

These were 5 important factors of being a locksmith in Guelph, why Guelph you ask me? Oh, that’s just for google. These facts are worldwide!

At least you get to learn… How else?
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