Life Steps Ep 4 — The Never Changing Reality

Sometimes the flow of events is too much to handle, perhaps this is why they are building AI’s.

Somewhere some of us are just too slow. To write things down or to finish certain things. Some of us just have to go the extra mile or an extra 100 miles feels like to me at each point of existence. In fact my wife while being pregnant did admit she felt some of my body “sensations” like the “hunger atack” or like the “panic attack” or just severe depression out of the blue. I can rarely say that I am depressing and although my wife felt my D.N.A take over for a bit she did mention how volatile it can be on an emotional scope of things. She was experiencing feelings she never had. The reality of pregnancy has a lot of pain to it and to witness such reality can be quite harsh on our minds. But putting ourselves in someone else's shoes literally is mind opening.

At some point, I begin to realize that some of us are just thrown into the world.

We are thrown into a pool of good and evil, pleasure, and pain. Circumstance and result and on and on.Out of that pool, there is one thing that seems to stand out. Purpose.

I am sitting in a coffee shop and trying to concentrate on my blog post on my website. These so-called blog posts require enormous attention and creativity, yet I can’t help myself to shift off the screen in times and wonder about the nature of this place.

After multiple hours of being awake and staring at the screen I have no doubts left that no matter how many fans or followers I will ever have; even if just 20 I will wake up with the same feeling of self-worthlessness. It is something enormous bigger than ourselves, our universe is made of this. Dust.

This coffee shop and the current reality which is passing as we are passing through our minds. It is no wonder we need sleep of up to 8 hours and even naps in between to process reality, knowledge, sensations, etc. Not to mention working or studying. Those who are wiser figured out that we need a machine to process all of this for us and then summersize and guide us through life. Because we can do it a certain way, but there is a way to do it better as they say.

For some people reality is even harder to process, we can actually name those people which we are in contact on the daily. Their own reality is so hard to process that imagination comes into play and adds the rest completely ignoring the facts. I was also wondering how I always found myself around those same people often wishing to fix their experience while fixing myself in the process. Often my attempts are somewhat successful. On the other hand there are a few only who would ever attempt to fix me in fact I don’t believe you meet many who wish to fix you. As an immigrant twice in a lifetime experiencing many changes I can definitely say that most of the time I am left to be picked from the corner, no one knows me and no one cares. Even the good guys are often pressured to become bystanders. Some have to bare this fact and this torturing experience all their lives.

In each and one of us there is something to fix, if I have it you have it. It could be completely different yet needs to be fixed. These and other memories and feelings about your past experiences are illusions of the mind, some of these experiences need to be fixed. Perhaps creating new memories for the same experience is the solution. Standing still in a never changing position is equal to collapse. Our biology cannot be perfected rather improved. The nature of biology seems to be about growing and improving until we simply collapse under our own weight. In any given environment we tend to develop new resistance and responses, create new ways to adapt and survive in our expanding environment; one which we didn't have before and that does show that does show that our cosmic nature is growing through expansion and collapse. Very slowly.

Psychologically it is possible to influence someone only with your presence, your influence deteriorates over time. In some cases, it could be good for a person to be free from influence and commit good yet sometimes we form those unforgiving paths which we need to tackle on our own. Many times I had myself in danger preaching good influence to the bad guys and getting hurt. As a sheltered kid who knew nothing about friends and popularity the only thing I knew is that I am different. I could clearly feel it as I am present in each moment. For that I am forever hated. Many can try to attempt some sort of an influence on a person such as myself, yet I could always know their true intentions.

Somewhere inside of you you have the inner voice, back in the days of the {wild “offline” world} your senses which you rely on are what will save your life. Feeling the danger or feeling that you are on a clear path. When I was 11 I attended grade 5 at the new school in the new country. Although not knowing the local language I quickly found new “allies” who have recognized me as a new kid and quickly I was mistaken for someone who can be influenced; while I clearly knew their intentions. It was one kid and a bad feeling when looking at his face, as my experiment to test my new friend went on I remember this sensation so vividly that it’s almost crazy how I knew that I can sense wrongdoing. It was possibly from that moment that created the need to appear truthful. It is almost priceless these days, a trustful personality is what we should all aim for. Considering we have strong senses to detect evil and know who to trust in the first place.

“If you have nothing and people still be jealous of you that means you got that something. Something that no one is capable of doing, something that can be done only by your hands.”

The thing is that I never had to learn that bad is bad, I have natural responses to bad. Logic can define bad as differently as the sun or the darkness; for example, killing animals feels bad. I can never kill an animal but some say given the circumstance of survival people used to hunt and were forced to kill to survive until “hunters” were actually put to work. 
Imagine, you wake up tomorrow and you need to go hunt. Are you planning to grow tomatoes? I suggest you learn how to do it now. I am interested.
It is fascinating to see a young mind form, new thoughts, dreams, imaginations and natural response developing and taking direction as chemistry plays its bond. It’s almost unbelievable how obvious it is. Do we born with these scenes or develop them over time. How bad my early life could have had to be so I can turn to be a bad person.

If tomorrow someone would tell you, there is another planet just like earth, how would you look at reality. If there are growing clues to life forms in other universes how would you look at things? I definitely hope not to get kidnaped by Nasa or worse the FBI due to these imaginary statements; more like-laughed at by a group of educated people. Although a friend of mine who is a talented online journalist have said to me “people might think you actually have a degree” along with his other sarcastic comments which I personally find somewhat inspiring.

Reality is the same, it’s the same presence where I am now in this coffee shop. Time moves forward and people change course. That is when reality changes. The question is, are the same rules applying to us on earth apply to us in space? That same sarcastic friend also told me “there is no shame in not knowing” you can simply ask, I disagree. There is almost an obvious feeling of shame not knowing something. The more you know in a certain field you become blind to that shame by compensating but still it exists there is always information which is greater than the one we possess so it would have discovery side effects naturally speaking.

Given a certain environment we have conditions given by certain rules of nature and we learn to adapt given enough expansion time. This is why we are so dependant on change. 
Just to give you the scope of reality here, I grew up in a place where a change is too big of a move. I had to go to complete extremes to break the chains of limitations of self. We all come with flaws that is no debate.

Some of us are more healthy in our minds and have experienced a better environment growing up. Some of us had it easy and some of us weren’t so lucky. Some enjoyed the peace and some ran for cover under the sounds of war. We all suffer the consequences of reality in many ways and forms. Some tend to go to the extreme and hurt others, almost every day.

It was a book that explained something simple, instincts are meant to be controlled. Things like anger and jealousy can be turned into patience and admiration. Sometimes I have 3 times as power to stop time to think about consequence rather than to plan an attack. On the other hand, knowing the consequence can change the course of the battle.
It is true, reality changes where you go. You literally create your reality. Whatever you do, regardless of religion or what it is that you are believing in.

Our puzzled minds are simply within reach of abilities, pieces of knowledge can be assembled over time. Ask yourself, did you help someone discover something that without you he wouldn’t discover given what you had to put the person through. I give you an example, my friend had to offend me many times to help me actually advance forward in my decision-making process.

How you turn someone unsuccessful to successful. One of my exes told me something very interesting before leaving me. She said “you will be successful” and given the time which has past I have no idea who she is today but I would ask “define successful” is you reading this post makes me somewhat successful? A boost in confidence makes you more successful, yet overcompensates for something else.

Winning in every deal makes you successful yet you cannot win every deal without a few swoops in the middle and then you are then bad guy which automatically makes you in my opinion unsuccessful. I do not see success based only on money and over-inflated confidence. Success can be based on one understanding the self, it’s position and abilities given in a circumstance of reality. Some things appear painful as separations or fear factors when one overcomes that fear one forms new paths in the mind.

When growing up and searching for a purpose I believed that there must be something that each person is good at, finding out later on that I am not good at anything felt really disappointing. I realized that I am good being me. Just the basics, but how do I deliver myself in a way which can be read clearly without all those misleading signals which I project before I speak a word.

Assumptions can be deadly it is said many times in many books which I cannot read due to my inability to process large blocks of information. Anything we touch, feel and see is very complex, some of us see just the surface and some see the whole complexity and the nature of the reality. When your mind is so absorbent you become more prone to distractions and over time we all need to learn how to block them. Reading a book can be plain words to some while to others firing connections and new thoughts are being formed at an enormous speed and effort 4–5 pages and your mind will get tired.
Sometimes I like to imagine that the public transportation was invented to read books on the way. The only way I ever finished a 700-page book is on train-rides.

Reality never changes, our perception of reality does change and it is important to remember not to get lost in the thought. Use your thoughts to help you through your day instead of letting them disorient you.

I've come to a point where I am incapable of correcting my own paragraphs in fears of either erasing them or changing their subjectivity. If you have found any mistake feel free to correct it as a learning experience for me, on the other hand if my words are plain nonsense you can express your hatred in order for the both of us to be enlightened. I will definitely respect that.

“Reality never changes it expands taking us with it, meaning we are too bound by this expansion. Something which the wise have figured thousands of years ago saying go and expand.”

Perhaps this is the answer to the AI question. So many minds combined cannot figure the solution so we keep expanding. AI is a form of expansion, imagine waking up tomorrow and being able to expand your horizons to any direction you wish to, then comes the negative effect of nature when things are constantly done for you called mind disability. I think focusing on these little consequence and fixing it in advance can do some good.

and for the finish this post in itself is a way of expansion.