Snap: The Core Of Our Existence — Gibberish

Back in the day nations used to think that they do not need each other often, conflicts over territory, race and ultimate power seemed to be the goal. We are animals unless we need each other, maybe it’s a little overstated although I have seen it in my own eyes.

Our new world has been developing for some time and since the majority was not intellectual enough at the time, war gave more urge to discovery and innovation and with that came population growth and technological advancement. But what does it all tell us?

We are in need of each other, therefore we exist. One person needs another and so on. Think of it this way, if I don’t know that I need you then I don’t need you therefore I might care less for you. It seems as an instinct in certain people, well depends how far you have come.

I wonder if considering the fact that we posses knowledge maybe not enough for efficient space travel but well enough to be needed in this universe. For example the ability to transfer bits of information from one point to another in short period of time which these days called modern communication; or being able to code and build blocks of codes stacked one on top of another resulting in a powerful multifunction platform. Hmm, in outer space our human abilities are quite little yet our achievements might be considered on a universal scale. By saying universal I mean that if there is any other sorts of life forms in the universe which we aren't aware of yet it doesn’t mean they don’t exist. Considering our advancement who knows where they are today. I believe our advancement depends on our scale of time or call it chain of events. Could it be that for other life forms far in space it was the same, was there a chain of events and developments? I often wonder about their reality, not about a parallel reality; a slightly different than ours or who knows if more advanced. Little closer or further from a Sun star like ours, an accident with a complete left some water on the surface and there you go, bacteria.

They are bacteria same as us; yet we cannot know how advanced they could possibly be and what secrets of the universe they would carry. To my knowledge there are millions of suns, galaxies and orbits. We can't reach it all, we can’t even physically reach our neighbouring planets around us quick enough to make it well and safe. Overcoming the barrier of space and time, perhaps in time.

You, me and this whole generation. Built from layers on top of layers of societies, through history of violence, ideas, brilliant minds and common understanding. Common understanding of what? Globality, when people are becoming aware of possibilities; opportunities and other abilities which come to light and inspire millions. Gibberish eh, nope. Think about it, who you are today? It took hundreds of years of development for us to be who we are today. Thousands perhaps? Indeed. When looking at time in universal measures, we have millions more to go. The point is, if we are in fact quite late and tomorrow other life forms which are far more advanced than us are discovered they better need us when it happens. Because when you think you’re the best and you don’t need anyone you might care less. I remember what happened among nations who cared less.

Fine I’ll get back to real life… ok!

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