That ignition key of yours — Memo 5

There is nothing sexy about your ignition key, there is nothing sexy about losing it either. The worst is not being able to turn it in your ignition. Yes folks my profession isn’t sexy at all. My daily work is about unfortunate events and there is nothing sexy about it. Many “ignition key” situations leave my customers unable to find their ignition keys or worse, simply unable to use them to switch the ignition on. It isn’t sexy trust me.

“I could never imagine that I can be good at something, then I started trying” — Eli Abbasov

The ignition key

This ignition key of yours that gets you to places and you know its value. In fact your ignition key perhaps is sexy (even if you drive a piece of junk) your ignition key is what gets you there. Sometimes you find yourself flashing with your ignition key if you drive a fancy car. 
I was flashing my ignition keys when I finally had a car! I made sure to share it with everyone “look up guys I have an ignition key” which gives me more chances in life.
Better chance at scoring a date, better chance at scoring a job. Ignition key gave me a chance to do so much more than I could ever do before! It’s stupid how much your ignition key is important. My ignition key got me to meet my wife and see her almost every day although she lived 70km away.
My ignition key helped me get a job and show up on time till I got the hang of the schedule, more to top it off my ignition helped me to have so much more fun in my life! Now you tell me is that sexy enough?

My enlightenment

I could never imagine that I will be making ignition keys in a million years. All of my old friends always ask me how it feels to be able to generate new car keys. I tell them that it feels unbelievably satisfying or better say feels like “ecstasy” real euphoric and happy feeling of achievement. The reason being, you have to achieve it all on your own.

Many customers have no idea that to become a good automotive locksmith taking care of ignition keys, you must put hours days weeks and years into perfecting your abilities. Then one day you get to a job and you succeed in it and you get that punch of euphoria. 
Realizing that you have grown your knowledge is one of the most satisfying feelings on earth (especially when you learn it on your own) 
A piece of advice to remember — never reject someone’s knowledge. Because the first push is what counts. Listen.

A piece of advice:

Here’s an advice to fresh parents from someone who is about to become a parent himself — “Don’t tell your kids to be better — Show them how to…”
Sometimes you just have to show them the way and I also refer to your friends and family. Never judge a book by its cover, never! Everyone needs a compass in life and you have the power to be that compass — to your kids, your family and to your friends. Real friends will appreciate you for it.
My only compass was care, my mother taught me to care. I wish I had more compasses to show me a better way instead I had to learn from negative and turn it into positive.