Trust — Light Mental Abuse

Abuse is something that we all have within us, because we have all been abused even if it’s just a little bit it happened at some point in our lives.

“Don’t do to others, what you do not want others to do to you” — it is something that needs to be reminded to all of us every day. Here is why.

I got a job to install electric access control strikes in a construction site, a guy called me (name him Rami for the story) and we closed a deal on a job for Thursday.
 That Thursday during the work day at around 5PM my work manager (Rami) decided to leave the site claiming he is finished. 
 I personally wasn’t finished since my task was a bit tricky so I stayed to finish the job. Later on when I was done I called (Rami) who hired me to do the work and he seemed to be busy and said he will mail the cheque next day. I knew that this is fishy but had no choice but to agree and sent him the invoice for my work via Whatsapp.

Next day what do you know? He doesn’t reply to my messages and I can see he did read them.
 Just to tell you more about me, I am a paranoid person — if someone thinks he can mess with my paranoia good luck. It’s very aggressive; I have been assaulted many times before, mentally and physically. I go into state of war when someone mistreating with such cold silence and owes me a decent amount of money which helps to pay the bills and pay for my upcoming baby supply.

I sent a couple of texts, and I saw that the person (Rami) keeps reading them and ignoring them either on purpose or not, it was clear I was begging him for information about the cheque which I was suppose to receive same day. No reply. I started wondering if he is enjoying my suffering. I was right. He didn’t respond.

How does one enjoy others suffering, if someone texts you politely asking for clarification and begs you to respond. Wouldn’t you say “Don’t worry I am taking care of your payment” the problem that he wasn’t. He was watching me sit and beg to be paid for my work.
 Mental abuse goes far beyond borders of countries, all over the world there are people who feed on abusing each other, basically making other people suffer due to their lack of compassion to others.

Primitivity is our enemy, we have to open up and realize we are in a different age. The world has changed a lot and now days people look how to encourage and push others to join the “apocalypse” and create a peaceful future. There is no peace without trust.

“Trust is based on someone’s goodness to do the right thing.” — Eli Abbasov

From the 1940’s where people had to fight for freedom and prove that killing and suffering is not the answer to the 2000’s where people now pushing the idea of sharing caring and innovating for a better world. We can only do that with something that begins with us. It’s a good versus evil type of battle.
 I was upset that my work manager has decided to ignore my texts and let me sit whole weekend and god knows how long and be paranoid about my pay. That’s not justice, getting paid these days is a priority and if someone hurts your pay it is clear to see that this person does not show care for your well being. This makes him your enemy. If you do not care about my well being, you have the potential to hurt me. Simple as it sounds, trust is everything. It’s when you let your worker know that everything is OK, when you communicate with your employees and let them know how much you appreciate their work and how would it help you if they improve their weak points. You become more credible with people when they see reliability and consistency.
 These days trust is everything, because it is so easy to catch a liar! Thank god for that!

Thursday night my work was done, Friday was the dead line. It’s already Saturday morning and I am at home, still no response about my chqeue from the work manager. I know who you are, mental abuser, you like to see me beg or suffer. Here is what he doesn’t know. By now my paranoia kicked in full gear. I had a legal letter prepared scripting all the sequence of events which lead to this including timeline and photos of the job. Here is the dangerous part, the work manager never signed my invoice yet which means I got no proof he is the one to pay yet the photos and the evidence shows my work thus the evidence.

Lesson of life — always get the boss to sign, he is your boss not your friend.

I was sitting in my work truck after a short fight with my wife because I was so stressed so she said “go for a drive” and I listened. Later a friend called and suggested I go there to check. The boss was clearly ignoring my messages so I decided to sniff around.
 I went to the job site which is about 50 minute of a drive away, the site was completed and it seemed that it was empty. I managed to get my hands on the owner’s number from the site front entrance note which was posted there. Just as I was wondering whether call him or not, a white BMW pulls in.
 I saw a decent looking fella coming out of the car grabbing something from his trunk and heading towards the company building and it seems like he is one of the owners.
 I quickly approached him and explained that there is some kind of misunderstanding, he listened and was upset that someone didn’t get paid under his watch. He was one of the good guys; I can spot it right away.
 The owner (call him Trent) called Rami the work manager and asked why he ignored my calls and text messages, the boss got nervous quick and I believe was afraid for his own sake now, he was quick to hand the check right away and I drove to him to pick it up.
 At the door he briefly asked me after pointing out a bunch of excuses for his “no reply” what I was doing in the area. He was wondering if I was in the area working and stopped by just by a chance — clear denial! 
 I told him that I came looking for him, I drove to find you and I did. Have a good day.
 Mental abusers are everywhere, they will try to get to you and make you miserable, play by their rules and give up. They will not give you the credit you deserve and badly mistreat you. It is up to you to stand up to evil. Stand up to people that watch suffering and do nothing. It doesn’t have to start with physical suffering. It starts small always; one thing I was wondering to ask is what kind of example you set up for your kids? Do you teach your kids to ignore other peoples suffering inflicted by you? Or you teach them to stand up and make a change, think about it.
 I know what I will be teaching that is for sure. Maybe not English literacy but reality. Because abusing my openness and kindness will get you in trouble. We should all stand for that.