“Things look different when you’re at the bottom” — Eli Abbasov

What it takes to be a role model?

People often are good when it comes to judging others but when it comes to their own behavioural patterns, not everyone is so perfect. I feel the same.

“When trying to improve another's person's life you simply improving yours” — Eli Abbasov

Positivity — Many things are possible when looking positively at the world, the famous quote “An obstacle is often an unrecognized opportunity” describes it best. When met with huge obstacles people often give up and turn to negativity. Some people feel that certain things are too big for them or they easily get discouraged from doing something they could have done yet had a “problem” — an obstacle.
As a role model or at least someone who is trying to be one, I always remind people that no matter how much you will beat a person down. The spirit of positivity and naive feeling of hope will do the trick.

Target Practice —Many of our grandfathers used to say “practice makes perfect” and they were 100% correct about it. Practice doesn’t just make it perfect, it takes you to the next level. There is always a next level in our world, our days are full with ourselves watching new trends born, prosper and die, while some are created and recreated all over again. I am simply saying practice hitting your target, create new ways of achieving your goals. If something doesn’t work change the method or change the attitude or just change the atmosphere. Make sure you hit that target, finish what you started or at least have another run on it to make a few improvements. That’s how your mind starts accepting change more often. Practice makes perfect.

Word —I believe in trust, I got no secrets (well not like big ones) only facts. It’s important to keep your story straight and remember the facts, allowing others to doubt your facts is ok only if you can be certain you can prove your side of the story with your facts. Basically try your best to be consistent, do the same with your words. Credible people who find you credible are your best allies.

Reboot — Many things will put you down and you can’t expect others to pick you up so you have to do it yourself. Only then you are able to be someone's role model, maybe your son or your little brother. Anyone who matters to you.
We make mistakes all the time, comparing the scale of the mistake and how easily it can be fixed is what determines how quickly we need to “grow up” to avoid such mistakes again. Basically it’s how you finish. We are imperfect yet able to fix ourselves, for some it’s a long difficult procedure and for some a matter of a simple understanding. I never had a father, so no one really educated me on how it is to be a man I mostly had to find out things on my own. One of the things I found out was it’s a matter of how you finish, a survivor is always a person with words of wisdom. I prefer to be a survivor so my advice is even if you lose — bounce back.

“Last night took an L, but tonight I bounce back” — Big Sean

There is a famous say in Russian language “a word is like a sparrow, once flies out you can’t catch it”.
The Russian version is: “Слово как воробей — вылетит не поймаешь”

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