Survival tips for staying calm!

Has meeting someone made you nervous? Were you so nervous you felt like you were going to get sick? Was this person a boyfriend, their parents, or a roommate? Let me tell you to how to overcome such fright.

Let me inform you on how this day came to be. We were just talking at the time and I invited him to go to a choir concert with my roommate and me to support my fellow college classmates, the deal was that I would come to his house with my roommate to pick him up because my roommate knew him extremely well. His parents decided that they would take both of us out to eat after they got back from church and then he could go with us to the choir concert. I was so nervous that I felt like I was going to puke so I calmed myself how. I am going to share with you; my secrets to calming how when stressing out.

1.) Leave the room

Leaving the room could be helpful, if you are on the phone with that person or you want to freak out by yourself and your roommate is in the room with you. When I started to freak out the first thing I did was give my roommate my phone. Passing up my phone and letting her talk to his parents gave me time to calm down a little bit because I was not the one carrying on the conversation. Once that stopped working I went to the bathroom and so that I could freak out alone. While in the bathroom, I pace around to calm down a little bit.

2.) Take deep breathes

Another good step is to do the breathing exercises you learned when you are stressing out and trying to calm down. These helped when I walked back in the room and I still wanted to freak out about it.

3.) Talk to someone about it.

Talking to someone about why you are worried actually could make it a lot easier to calm down and relax. I talked to roommate about why I was so scared to meet his parents and being my best friend she told me that everything is going to be okay. Assuring me that she is going to be there with me and if needed she will come to my rescue.

4.) Do something to take your mind off of it.

Find the one thing that helps you calm down. It could be organizing, doing hair, makeup or reading a book. Finding that one factor that relieves your stress and is calming could help you in the long run. When I get stressed out I like to do hair. I will spend hours doing my hair weather that is straightening curling, French braiding. I also like to others hair, it helps relax me and I love finding new styles to do, and doing hair for someone else could actually be quite relaxing for the other person. It’s like spending hours in a salon to get you hair done, you walk out feeling relaxed and ready to face anything coming your way. Another thing that I like to do is stress clean. When I become stress I will clean my dorm and put everything away, I will wash my laundry reorganize everything that is already organized. This is how my roommate know I have had a bad day. For example, one day I had a terrible day to where I rearranged the room twice or there will be times where I will jump off my bed and start cleaning after writing a paper.

Do not freak out about the little things. Everything happens for a reason whether that reason is unknown at this exact moment or later. Just remember these few things next time during a stressful situation and everything will be okay. These steps can work in many different situations whether that be exams next week or meet a roommate next year.