10 Reasons Why Luke Skywalker Is Kylo Ren
Daniel Mirolli

I just don’t get this Luke = Kylo Ren speculation. I’m all for speculating about the characters and plot of the film given that we don’t really know all that much, but that speculation has to make some sense. Yes, Luke is not in the poster, but let’s be honest, Luke would not build Kylo Ren’s lightsaber. Luke knows how to build a proper lightsaber. Also, if Luke is Kylo Ren, then that means Adam Driver’s character is not in the poster. They’re launching a new trilogy. They’re not going to leave out one of the new characters/actors from the poster. More than that, Ren’s voice in the trailer is Driver’s voice. Sorry to say it, but you’re trading one problem/question for another here. Better to speculate about which of the original characters will die in this film: Han or Luke? My money is on Han. I agree with some of the other commentators in this thread: Luke will likely play a very small role in “Awakens” and will likely only really come in at the very end when Finn and Kylo — as clearly played by Driver —duel. Why else would Han need to offer confirmation about the Force (the best sign that Han is a gonner, by the way)?