So, we’re working, studying, learning, and communicating from home….now what?

As someone who is a planner and thrives on routine, I have had a challenge adjusting to this new lifestyle. I’ve also transitioned from living independently in Chapel Hill to living (and working) with my family, two dogs, and cats back in Winston-Salem. These past few weeks in March have felt eternal, but every day gets a little better as we pull together as a society to fight this virus.

Here are some ways I am spending my time in quarantine to continue learning, growing, and creating during these slower-paced weeks. I hope they strike inspiration for you:


It’s easy to get sucked into Netflix’s Library or the 24/7 news coverage of what’s happening in the country. For my source of entertainment, I’m relying on Ed Catmull and his stories about creating Pixar. His book Creativity Inc. has been on my shelf for years. What better time than now to read about the stories behind some of our favorite stories (like Finding Nemo, Toy Story, Monster’s Inc.) as well as wisdom on creative leadership?


As a second-year master’s student, I have been working on my thesis project, which means I am not taking classes this semester. I’ve been craving the classroom experience over these past few weeks and fortunately, several organizations have offered free access to their virtual classrooms! Here’s what’s on my radar:


With the cancellation of UNC Athetlics’s spring sports comes the end to my hobby as a sports photographer. I’m trying to fill the void by doing something that distracts me from scrolling through the news or social media. Procreate has saved the day. I’ve been taking the sports photos I’ve captured over the years and recreating them digitally!

UNC Women’s Lacrosse


A wise person once said: “You want to make croissants. Here’s a pro tip: Don’t.” Well, challenge accepted. I’ve always wanted to make croissants but I seem to run into excuses in the past: not enough time and not enough patience. This recipe is in my bookmarks…


And I mean talking on the phone, not texting or DM-ing. Now more than ever is there a need for community and conversation, whether it’s with fellow members of the Reese Innovation Lab, my UNC graduate cohort, friends from undergrad/past internships/high school. I’m hoping to spend a few minutes a week catching up with friends from all over!

Digital De-Cluttering

Every time I open my laptop, I receive a notification (or should I say warning) that my laptop is running out of space. So, it looks like I will be spending a day filing and storing my photos and previous video projects on an external drive. It’s been a task I have been putting off but need to do to avoid a computer-related crisis during these work from home weeks.

What are some ways you are spending your time wisely these next few weeks? What do you plan to read (that’s not news-related), create, or learn during your time at home?

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