How to solve and prevent applying urban legends (…wait, urban what?)

Yep, you broke it… (From karatara)

I guess it’s not just me, and you feel that cold sweat on your back too with only reading this title. No software developer wants to break production… but the odds are that it will happen to all of us…and not just once.

So this is the story about how we temporarily killed our project.

Sometimes deployments act like printers; did you hear the one about “don’t let your printer know you’re in a hurry”?… This is the same feeling I get when deploying just before bank holidays. This story is about the day before Thanksgiving.

Act one: the explosion.

In CoverWallet we follow…

How to assign responsibilities on project updates — Build just like Lego!

In collaboration with Sara Lerma

Build your webpage just like Lego!
Build your webpage just like Lego!
A totally normal developer’s brain

Do you feel you are overwriting (and recurrently deploying) your almost-same-code with every content update? Do you have a minute to talk about CMS’s?

A CMS (Content Management System) is just a place to store content. It works kind of like a database: you call for some information, you receive data to render on your page.

Your project

Imagine your business webpage: You display some “welcome” info, some static details… and your biggest business product: the offer of the week. Some (meta) code like this:

<>Welcome to our page!</>   <>…blablabla…</>   <>Offer of the week:</> <>Now sushi…

Esperanza Amaya

Software developer + PhD in Epidemiology & Public Health = Made of curiosity

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