“Electric Love” by Android Jones. Used with permission by the artist.

How self-care and clear communication expanded my capacity to love.

It’s Friday night and I’m home working on this essay about non-monogamy while my beloved is out with friends from high school. We’ve been dating for six months and we both agreed to have an open relationship from the beginning; we wanted our relationship to be something we had, not something we were. …

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Wanting to be “one of the guys” is about belonging.

Dear Eamon,

At coffee this morning a friend commented on his coworker’s ass. She’s a friend I admire, and I found the remark unprofessional, as we were discussing this friend in a professional context. While I agree that our friend is very attractive, I felt bad talking about her physicality. I couldn’t think of another way to respond to her co-worker’s comment, so I mumbled my agreement. …

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A Year of Adventure, Initiation and Alternative Masculinity

In 2018 I took an adult gap year to travel the world pursing adventure, initiation and a better understanding of what it means to be a man. This list of highlights and lessons is also my thank you speech, in every case I couldn’t have done this without my community.

Adventure Around the World and a Book About Alternative Masculinity

Photo by: Nikki Jahanforouz for Goldenvoice

And why it’s our responsibility to change the culture of live events.

“It’s scary, and you can’t trust the random people around you to help you. And with those bigger men, it’s just harder and it’s scarier to say something to them because they might get angry and violent. Like if you’re not nice, they might hurt you.”

— Reagan, Coachella attendee, 16 years old

Vera Papisova was groped 22 times during the 10 hours she was at Coachella interviewing women for Teen Vogue. Her topic? Sexual harassment at music festivals. Of the 54 women she surveyed, all 54 for said they experienced some form of violation at the festival.

Some, like…

Photo by: Wonderfruit Festival

What a Wonderfruit world!

What could be more grotesque in 2017 than the wasteful excess of mountains of plastic party trash? From small, boutique vendors to Bonnaroo, environmental sustainability has become an important part of any good festival promoter’s program. However, there’s a big difference between vague greenwashing gestures and creating a climate-positive impact that can be measured and certified. Wonderfruit Festival, now in its fourth iteration, is Thailand’s answer to California’s alternative festival scene, and it’s making positive waves for a country with serious environmental concerns.

As a destination for celebration, Thailand is most famous for the debaucherous Full Moon Party, a global…

It has nothing to do with tulips

I’m friends with some very clever folks in the “crypto” world who have been advising me to invest in Bitcoin and Ethereum for as long as I’ve known about the strange world of digital currencies and the underlying technology that supports them, blockchain. In January I considered putting money into Ethereum, just to see what happened. Over the past few months while watching the price rise, I’ve entertained vague fantasies that there will be a correction and I’ll jump in and catch it on an upswing. For the most part this has been a passing fancy. However, this weekend as…

Photo by: Gilles Bonugli Kali

Burning Man in Africa and the Privilege to “Find Yourself”

“The jol — say ‘jawl’ — was a very important South African concept, connoting kamikaze debaucheries. It was a Cape colored street term, but all races used it, making it one of the pathetically few things we had in common. Divided we stood, united we jolled.” — Rain Malan, “My Traitor’s Heart”

I was curled up at the top of the art piece Yggdrasil , the Tree of Life, at 4 am on Saturday at AfrikaBurn. I was in the final throes of a long night of psychedelic exploration full of hard introspection and miscommunications with campmates. My chaotic thoughts…

Photo by Stuart Philkill

Ceremony and Legacy for My Beloved Companion

Last night my beloved Ella Loo, one of the great loves of my life, ascended into the Great Beyond. The ceremony of her passing was one of the most profound experiences of my life and although my grief still stings in my body, I feel at peace. From the moment she was diagnosed with terminal squamous cell carcinoma at the age of 9 1/2 just three weeks ago, I knew that the only thing I could do was to be fully present for her experience and let her go as gracefully as possible.

One of the promises I made to…

My Darling Ella Loo,

I’m sorry we’ve had so many annoying doctors visits the past two weeks. Dad had to make sure he understood exactly what’s going on with your body so he can be the best Dad for you. That annoying thing under your tongue is called a squamous cell carcinoma and while it’s rare for a nine year old, it’s one of the most common cancers in cats. Because your mouth is so little, we can’t remove it without taking your little pink tongue as well. Don’t worry, I would never do that to you! Radiation and chemo…

Photo by: Jakob Kolar

A Beginners Guide to Entering the Hive of Stokedness with Android Jones

I was standing on the shore of a lake in Portugal barefoot on a wet sandy dance floor in the center of a structure that looked like the inside of a psychedelic beetle. At my feet was a mound of empty water bottles and other sloppy belongings that had accumulated throughout the day, possibly throughout the whole week. As the sun set on the banks of Lake Idanha-a-Velha, the warm sunlight bore through the center of the stage like a thick, heavy laser. Bathed in the glow was Swiss psytrance DJ and producer Ajja, resplendent with long dreadlocks extending around…

Eamon Armstrong

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