Fan Fiction: Huck Finn bumps into Marty and Doc

Well, after Tom’s uncle and aunt took me in, I was ready to high tail it out ‘a there. They made me go to church and school and tried their best to civilize me. I left for a new city and I didn’t care where it was, just s’long as I didn’t have to do no schoolin’, because now that pa was gone, there warn’t no reason to go disappoint him with all that lesson learnin’ tom foolery.

On my way to the river, just along the road outside of town, I saw the most strangest couple ‘a fellers. One of ’em was younger man and he had on a bright orange vest that looked as if it was full’a air. The other’n was older and had a long white coat and the wildest white hair that stood up every which way. With ’em was a shining silver carriage that looked like nothin’ I ever seen before. They was looking around all bewildered like.

Well I must admit, I was mighty scared. But I warn’t going to let that be cause to be rude, so I says to ’em “Afternoon strangers, are you fellers lost?” The younger of the two spoke up and says, “Aww jeeze… Hey kiddo!” Then he looked over at the other feller and says, “What do we do, Doc?”. The older one just had a real vacant long stare right at me and finally speaks up, “Great Scott Marty, I think we’ve entered into a parallel universe where Mark Twain’s classics about Huckleberry Finn and Tom Sawyer are a reality! This isn’t just the late 1800’s, it’s also a different dimension!”

I was so confused about the whole ordeal, I thought I must be dreaming. I worked up the courage to ask the older feller, Doc “How’d you know my name mister?” Doc says to me “Nevermind that now, just do me a favor and promise you’ll go back to Aunt Sally’s and never mention any of this to anyone!” I just nodded and took off runnin’ right back home to the Phelps’ place. I was so scared of what I just seen and I couldn’t make it out.

Later, I thought to myself that this was a sign that there was a god, and he must’a sent these two angels down to check on me and make sure I wasn’t up to no mischief. Well, it was from then on that I was determined to lead a straight and narrow life with no more adventurin’.