Letter To My White Friends
Zach Haller

I have a problem with the categorising of America as a white supremacist society. How about the fact that affirmative action exists, that Barack Obama was elected, or that certain non-white groups like Asians succeed incredibly well.

The answer people make is that white culture is still seen as the norm, that black culture is otherised, and traits and behaviours associated with blacks are seen as worse than those associated with whites. And all that is true.

And it can’t be changed. These are problems which minority populations have been dealing with since the beginning of time. Jew’s have faced these problems to one degree or another in every country they have lived in, and they all always rise to the top of the social ladder. People like you confuse the inevitable social circumstances created by being a minority group, with a system designed to keep you down.

The evidence is overwhelming that in America and other Western countries there are policies and institutions trying to undermine and destroy the power and influence of white people, through mass immigration, affirmative action, the progressive culture of identity politics, etc...

If I wanted to I could make the case easily that America is an institutionally anti-white country, and it is the same from Sweden to South Africa.

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