The United States of Nothing
umair haque

I have replied in like vein several times whenever you have favourably compared the rest of the Western World to America, but let me do so in greater clarity. Ultimately, having an awesome social welfare state, and all of the good sentiment and care which you view positively when compared to America isn’t going to count for anything if your socialist utopia does not have the spine to defend itself. Sweden is a socialist utopia beyond compare, and theit governing body is draining their country, and the well-being of its people down the toilet through demographic suicide as fast as they possibly can. The kind of leftist thought which promotes the socialist utopias you so love, also promotes the kind of self loathing and worship of the ‘other’ which is causing nations across Europe to cast aside on the trash heap without hesitation, their entire history, and bring ruin to the continent on a far greater scale and with more lasting damage, than the Nazi’s or Soviets could ever have done.