The opiod problem was not the fault of the African American community, and dozens of similar crimes…
Eamon Falloon

I just realised that I forgot to respond to your challenge in my response, so I will do that now. But first let me say that I appreciate having these dialogues with people. In the past when I have tried to have dialogue with people who disagree with me online, they have blocked me a with cry that I was a troll. So I really appreciate your debating with me in good faith. My current political beliefs have only been formed over the past few years and they are still very much in flux, so I highly value these conversations to test my ideas on.

So, onto your accusation. I am not 100% certain what you meant by it so am making an assumption based on what you said about the bell curve.

In short, that in my examples of people who have conquered adversity I chose people with high IQ scores. That honestly wasn’t intentional, I just chose the people who first came to mind. And there are a lot of things about the IQ question anyway. Everyone’s IQ was globally lower in the past which further complicated matters. I assume that you were alerted to the IQ element of my examples by the fact that I used Jew’s as an example. Well what is interesting about that is that Jewish immigrants to America had lower IQ to start with and it grew over time to where it is now. I have never seen the original study but a lot of smart people I trust have said that it is true. The reason why I chose Jew’s as an example is because they are a great example of perseverance through adversity. Sure, African Americans have suffered more, but only in a concentrated form for a few hundred years. Jews have suffered less, but for far longer. And Jew’s dominate positions of wealth and power world wide.

But I never intended to take our conversation in the IQ direction, but if you want to say your piece on it I would be happy to discuss it with you.

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