“Say ‘reverse racism’ one more motherfucking time. I dare you…”
Thaddeus Howze

There are two reasons why I didn’t want to reply to this article at first. One, I am awkwardly writing this on my phone, and two, this article is so old no one will probably see it.

But when I read toward the end you make the claim that the suffering of African Americans and Native Americans is unparalleled in the history of the world I had to respond.

I could go into the history of Indian Hindus, killed to the tune of hundreds of millions over the course of centuries by Muslim invaders.

I could mention the more than a hundred million dead by the hands of Communists over the course of the twentieth century.

But instead I will simply mention the Arabian slave trade. According to Wikipedia the estimates of the Arabian slave trade are greater than that of the transatlantic slave trade by a significant margin. If you had simply said that their suffering was unparalleled I could have let it go, but you also said it was unparalleled in the lack of attention given to the tragedy’s that took place in America.

Pro-black people like you hold onto the transatlantic slave trade as something important to remember to honour the pain of your ancestors. But when you act as if the Arab slave trade didn’t exist, by the same token you are saying that the young black boys who were castrated so they could be Eunuchs, a huge percentage dying in the process, don’t matter. That the black women raped, and their baby’s heads dashed against rocks don’t matter. Until black activists like yourself rail against those historical injustices with at least a fraction of the energy you reserve for America’s crimes, I have no respect for your claim that the pain wrought by the transatlantic slave trade is understated.

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