Whenever A White Supremacist Says…
Son of Baldwin

Two points I want to make.

First, why are you dredging up something from four years ago? Surely there are more relevant topics to discuss.

Second, I absolutely agree that the police officers would have been justified in killing him. But maybe they knew they didn’t have to. I remember reading an anecdote in Malcolm Gladwells book BLINK, which talks about how a fifteen year old kid running away from an experienced police officer turned around and began to pull a gun on him. The police officer knew he was within his rights to shoot the kid but he knew he didn’t have to. He shouted at him to surrender and the kid did. Maybe the police officers knew he wasn’t serious so they didn’t kill. And there have been numerous examples of white people being mowed down by trigger happy cops so I don’t think race is a factor.

Although it is possible I am wrong and if I am the situation is really freaking weird because you would think if anyone deserves to get blown away it would be this guy.

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