Rolling Words 17: Of Monkeys and Men

I have some of Rory’s story cubes, and I thought as a great way to get into more writing, I’d try and roll and post everyday.

The following was achieved through rolling one dice at a time and, typing
before rolling the next, until all 9 have been used.

We need to have a conversation about the violence visited upon us. For years Monkeys have attacked us in our homes, on our streets and- most disturbingly- in our dreams. There is a great reward now set for Monkey stopping, and many fine young men and women have taken up the call.

I worry for them- how can they know what they are up against? They haven’t seen what I’ve seen- vast swathes of the Monkey-Mad, magically messing mostly moronically. They’ll eat them for breakfast.

No-one listend to me- I was a Veteran of wars they’d forgotten even existed beyond the afternoon matinees. I once cracked the whip, but no longer.

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