I’m Taking The Goldfish
Alicia Malone

Bonjour Alicia, long time follower, part-time…interactor? Yeah, ‘Tribe’ member is definitely better.

Have read this a while ago and read it once again before thinking of how to constructing the due process of my thoughts on whether social media is ‘socially good’ or a ‘public menace’ to society. Personally I find it to be a catch 22 on the matter as, like you state, connecting with fellow film fans (which is in short supply in a small town) and seeing the ‘highlight reels’ of friends that have long since left and then there’s the side that everyone including their ‘pets’ are in on the act of public shaming certain individuals via the power of a keyboard and the ‘brand’ complex that brings an unease to the online social decorum. Fortunately I haven’t reached the mentioned ‘brand’ interviews, how many followers etc. but get the feeling down the line once I abroad to North America the opportunity may arise. It’s shame that such a thing gets brought up, unsurprising, but a shame none the less.

It is amazing how it’s become the norm to be on at least one form of social media and then how much you come off like a social oddball if you have none at all, as if no one will find you in the real world forever, but there’s always one period in which I go off social media every year and it is such a Catholic answer for a topic like this….Lent. Six weeks of human interaction and normality to enjoy without being the one among the dinner table or table at the bar socially neglecting those around them by being glued to the mobile phone once the notifications flare up.

Sure this may be a first world issue but it’s a new unknown quantity on the affects of are mental health due to are dependance and reliance on it. I’m sure I may have missed a few points to add, may even have missed a few you have mentioned to discuss, even a grammar mistake or two, but we’ll chalk that up to another reason why social media is bad due to the lack of personal human discussion and relying instead on text. It’s an interesting topic to bring up and aim to tackle, which is why I, like others, follow you online due to such subjects of discussing the ‘balance’ within film.

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