My foray into writing

I’ve always been fascinated and intrigued with writing, it’s a fine craft that never ceases to impress me. For quite some time now, writing is probably the only interest that I haven’t actively dabbled in. I have a few passions in my life: Video Games, Arts, and Badminton. And somewhere within me, I know it should be part of that list. It’s time to take the leap.

Stick to your day job?

One of my earliest hobbies was Illustration, and to this day, is still one of my favourites. In my upcoming years, it branched to graphic design during University, into web design professionally, to now, full-time UX/UI designer.

My craft, design and illustration, seems so straightforward when compared to other creative fields. On the surface, it’s quite simple, I basically take shapes and colours and put them on paper (or screen)(also sorry to all designers for dumbing it down so much). This is a concept the general population can grasp (and exploit unfortunately).

Music, if you don’t get it, just seems so abstract: pitch, rhythm, dynamics, notes, breaks, etc. You can’t just compose a song on paper as you would draw a circle. I can only assume that most musicians just go ahead and play, but traditionally, you would do both: compose and play.

Writing definitely seems more accessible, we’ve all written stuff in school, most of us still write down notes, and now with social media, you can write short pieces leisurely. It works on so many levels that most people can pick it up. But what gets me is just how imaginative it is even when using explicit words. We can all read the words, but what goes through our minds is something else.

So why writing?

As much as I love Design and Illustration, the one thing I could never do was tie them to my first passion, Video Games. I’m a nerd, straight up. Yes, I can do fan art, or even imagine new interfaces, but it doesn’t quite do it for me. The connection isn’t as deep as it should be, because Video Games mean so much more than what one image could possibly convey.

My first hobby was gaming. Not exactly during the Atari era, but from the Golden Age known as Nintendo to today’s triple AAA titles. Seeing those pixels opened my imagination to a whole new level. As with most kids, Super Mario Bros is a magical moment when you see it. From there on, it just snowballed, from classics such as Zelda, Mega Man, Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy, to more modern releases such Half Life, Warcraft, Counter Strike, Diablo. It’s thanks to that moment that I picked up a pencil, it’s that moment that paved the way for what I do now as a living.

But therein lies the dilemma. I’m thrilled to be a designer, but as I said, I’m still yearning to find that connection to gaming, something that’ll get me to the very root of my nature. I’m hoping that this new creative exercise will allow me to find that feeling, to give back as much as I gained, and hopefully develop a new passion.

Do my worst

I’m not entirely sure how this exercise will play out, I don’t have any particular plan in place. Content will most likely revolve around journaling or opinion pieces on what I’m playing (this week is Destiny 2’s PC release, consequently I’ve built a new rig, and I’ll more than likely chronicle my adventures in space). I’ll leave reviews to professionals.

Finding balance between personal life and hobbies isn’t the easiest of tasks. Especially when your hobbies (by plural, I mean singular, and by singular, I mean gaming) are somewhat misunderstood. I am quite aware that I can’t simply play games for the sake of it. Gaming has evolved for me, as much as I love turning my brain off, that’s not the point. It’s this untapped source of inspiration that I want to unleash.

To myself

Life is about growth, new experiences, and being honest with yourself. This undertaking has been on the shelf for too long and I feel like I’ve neglected my gaming hobby out of fear and social pressure rather than actually not having time for it.

As the saying goes: You do you.