Football games (Part 1) — Childhood games

When I was a kid, there already existed many football games, but was about 1996, in elementary school that I could play 3D games.

During my mid-high school, 1999 to 2002, the games weren’t so impressive for the today’s standards, but at that time they were simply astonishing:

There was a big rivalry between EA’s FIFA, and Konami’s International Superstar Soccer (ISSS), also known as Winning Eleven or Pro Evolution Soccer. Always FIFA was simpler to play, but “fake”, and ISSS was more realistic but not so friendly for new players. So you played FIFA in a party, but ISSS for a real challenge.

At those times, the 3D graphics weren’t the big deal, so had to be supported by great innovations like musical videos, an incredible soundtrack, having real player’s names and being similar to the real players.

You can see a little of how those games were announced: (Remember, this was great at that time)

Also, I remember watching this for first time, from an old friend that gave me that game in a copied CD.

The most grateful memory was listening comments in spanish for first time. And something that I’ve only heard in the World Cup 98 game: A comment about your progress out of the game, during the game preparations. At that time, my english was not so great, having connection with your main language was simply impressive.

Do you have a memories like these? Please leave comment in the (+)


Yeah, I like so much soccer games, they are interesting and fun to play. I like to write more about why those games are too engaging, and even they are difficult we like to keep playing a lot.

Also I’ve always wanted to create a soccer game or work with those great game developers. But this is going to be the next part of this post’s series.

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