Football games (Part 2) — An old story about a soccer game

In the first part you found that I like the soccer games. Being a child I thought about what it was working in video games development.

Start of an idea

In college I had the idea of creating a soccer game where you had to stop a penalty kick with your movements.

This was many years before Microsoft’s Kinect. Instead the plan was to use the old technology of recognising movement from a webcam.

You can watch a simple example in this video:

And also with help of a green screen, the effect could be more realistic.

Penalty kicks in Soccer videogames

I got inspiration from a lot of games, from the very big classics like FIFA and PES, to a lot of Web games made in Flash.

Well, from all those games, the way of kicking and saving that a liked more was from International Superstar Soccer 2000 (ISS 2000).

Instead of only having 8 directions to shot and kick, you had an analog control, with more movements available, and a reaction chance for a last try to save the kick. Also you could change between that new mode and the “classic” for different strategies.

But why the game wasn’t made?

I tried to make that idea a real game, but I didn’t have enough experience and will to make that game. I made some designs but never started to make it real.

Now, many, many years later, I know a little bit more about game development. I’ve worked in software and I’m aiming to work in the entertainment industry, so I want to prepare a porfolio of games.

So after many years, I’m decided to finish this game.

In next entries I will tell you about the progress of the game. Keep tuned if you want to know more about it…

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