Is it just me, or are book titles click baiting right now?
David Smooke

I think that the problem is even deeper as every second author now is trying to be a storyteller, so each chapter is something like:

1. here is a very interesting story on the theme of this chapter
2. here is what I’m going to say
3. summary

I don’t think is that the storytelling is wrong, no — it’s much easier to read, and usually, it’s much better to see real life examples to better understand. 
But it’s devaluating attention even more in our ADHD world and provides authors an ability to work less on a better explanation of the “boring” part. So in many books in every chapter, I can read the story but I can’t read core content.

I vote for the story not just being intentionally attached to what you’re going to say but for the story that is spread across the book/the chapter only where it looks natural and only when it’s needed. And readers should learn again to read boring things, life is not just fun.