Kubernetes on Centos 7 with HA in AWS or Onpremise. Deploy one app with Circle Ci.


Kubernetes is an open-source platform orchestration of containers, this technology is used by Google in its apps.
This project was donated by Google to Cloud Native Foundation https://www.cncf.io/ and this project recive the colaboration of multiple cloud vendors such as AWS,Azure,Cloud Google Platform ,Bluemix , Red Hat and Alibaba Cloud.


  • Kubernetes masters tree in HA —kubernetes Latest version
  • Docker version 17.0.3
  • SO Centos 7 in provider AWS.
  • Example of CI with Circle CI.


  • At least six ec2 instances: three for master ,two for minion and one nginx loadbalancer.


masters: kub01 | Availability Zone — 2b kub02 | Availability Zone — 2c kub03 | Availability Zone — 2a

load-balancer: kublb01 | Availability Zone — 2a

minions: minion1 | Availability Zone — 2a minion2 | Availability Zone — 2a


Starting to Work:

Open your AWS account and select the region for work. I use Ohio region -this region in my account is empty- .

VPC — default.

After editing, copy the code in Advanced Details.

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