There are times in everyone’s life when they wish they were powerful enough to stop something terrible from happening. These are the moments that change us forever. I am no different in that sense. For as long as I could remember I was never a strong person, I would do everything I could to avoid conflict. I did not welcome challenges and when others needed me, I never stepped up for them. I was a coward in every way, and no matter how much my mother and few loyal friends would convince me that I am not, but I knew deep down that is what I was. I lived a life where I would not have to worry about negative criticism or the possibility of failing at something. I never possessed courage or confidence and it ate me up inside. Then everything changed when the invasion hit, I did what I could to find someplace to hide and wait for the nightmare to end, but it did not work. I could not find anywhere safe; all I could see a trail of destruction and dead bodies. I was beyond scared; I could see and hear people calling out for help and I avoided them as much as I could until I saw her. During my uncourageous actions, I saw a little girl in the middle of the street holding on to her mothers’ hand as she cried out, the girl was too young to realize her mother was dead. Her cries drew the attention of the violent invaders and as they were slowly approaching the little girl something happened within me. I cannot explain it but during that moment all I could think of was getting that little girl to safety. So, I ran to her, as I was running towards her, I saw a gun on the ground and picked it up. I never shot a gun before so I was hoping all my video game and movie knowledge would kick in and let us just say that’s why they call them movies because the real thing is completely different. I don’t know where these invaders came from all I cared about was this child, each one that came close to her I shot at, and once I ran out of bullets I used the gun as a weapon, this was my first real fight. The hits I received from them hurt so much but I didn’t care, I managed to take a few of them down but in the end, there were too many of these invaders and I didn’t know what else I could do so I act as a shield as over the girl as they came to finish us off, I told her to close her eyes as I closed mine. When my eyes opened, I was in a hospital, in a bed bandaged up hooked up to a machine. I looked over and saw the little girl sleeping in the chair next to me, a nurse walks into the room and tells me how I got there. She said a bunch of people found me holding the girl, she said they could tell I was protecting her. The nurse asked me if I was her father, I told her I was not, I explained how I did not want to see this girl get hurt. The nurse teared up and kissed me on my forehead and told me that was one of the most courageous things she had heard that day. When the nurse left, I looked at that innocent child and a sense of joy came over me. Not only was I happy that I saved her, but I was happy that I overcame all my fears within moments. It was in a moment of horror and fear itself that I decided not to be the person I had always been, it was in that moment of seeing that little girl I realized that having the courage to act and the confidence to follow through with those actions no matter the outcome is one the most amazing and most powerful gifts a person can possess.

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