Launching a JS compiler : how to deal with strong expectations about NectarJS
Adrien Thierry

Regarding technical expectations, no technical detail about your compiler or supporting toolchain has been provided at all. Articles and your own website provide no specifics, and direct technical questions go unanswered. Vague responses don’t count. There is a lot of marketing activity going on, but the compiler is not capable of building basic programs. Documentation has been mentioned, but none has been built since March?

You say you want to build a community around this. Developers, as part of a community, want to know what they are using and have an ability to make some kind of meaningful contribution. If you want to stay closed source, and not accept low level contributions, that’s ok. But, consider even Microsoft has always allowed people to have copies of their closed source compilers and tools, detailed documentation about what they are and their expected behavior, and debugging tools. This allowed developers to understand every aspect of their toolchain, and the programs it built.

Until something changes, this project appears to amount to hype, secrets, and a failed funding campaign.