Reason to Have Perfect Smile

Americans are pretty much obsessed with the word ‘perfect smile’. There is a reason for the word Hollywood Smile which means that the perfect, straight and while smile. There may be the room for argument over the word ‘perfect’, but straight and white are inarguably the most desired features of a good smile. And this smile is what we are going to talk about in the remaining article.

Having that said, we are also going to involve Hollywood smile and its history in our discussion. And then of course we will have some discussion about how to have good smile. Surely it is going to involve some talking about dentistry.

The reason for Americans to have obsession with straight and white smile

The history of Hollywood smile basically belongs to ‘Great Depression’. That time basically relates to the beginning of movie-going era. Then a dentist whose name was Charles Pincus opened an office in the Hollywood. He also started the marketing of movies. He also worked on the dental restoration of very famous Hollywood actors in order to make them fully compatible to the roles they would perform.

With the passage of time, straight and while teeth became pretty much associated with the wealth and fame. And the reason was that every top Hollywood actor would have nicest of smile. Now, it means to be more than looking like a movie star to have nice and straight smile. And the study suggests that people now associated positive traits of personality to the persons with great smile. And therefore, people with good smile always have high self-esteem and better confidence in every walk of life.

Achieving perfect smile

The perfect smile is what you always have dreamed of. So the things to be taken into the account are your current situation and your goals regarding what you really need in order to have perfect smile. Now, there are a number of treatments you can get in order to do the smile makeover. For instance, if your teeth are not white enough, you can undergo teeth whitening treatment to have a white smile. Similarly, if your teeth are not straight, you can consider having straightening treatments which may include invisalign or braces. Veneers and crowns are also the kinds of treatment you may want to consider.

Apart from cosmetic aspects of dentistry, your perfect smile is also dependent upon the health of your teeth. Having that said, if you have any infection in your teeth or gums, you may not be able to have an impressive smile. Therefore, dentists always suggest taking care of the dental health in order to preserve the best of it till the elderly age.