Google Cloud Architect Exam Study Materials — Updates for 2019 Re-certification

Latest Exam Guide & Practice Exam

Firstly, make sure to check out the most up-to-date official Exam Guide. Read the Case Studies in the guide, these will likely be the same ones you’ll use in your exam.

New & Expanded Prep Materials

Secondly, the amount of preparation material since 2017 has greatly increased: hooray!

Additional Services & Solutions to Know

I included a list of official documentation in the original guide, but these solutions also came up in my re-cert prep, so be sure to know these as well:

Exam Tips & Tricks

Lastly, here are some other tips that may be useful:

  1. Know how to lifecycle data in all of the storage options (database, object, etc.) both from the UI and the CLI.
  2. Understand when to use Cloud Dataproc and when to use Cloud Dataflow.
  3. Know Cloud connectivity options like Cloud VPN, Cloud Interconnect, and others, and when to use them and not use them.
  4. Look for little things in the wording of the question or answer that would invalidate an otherwise correct answer (e.g. if it’s possibly best option but they called a VPN a Virtual Parallel Network instead of a Virtual Private Network).
  5. Understand how security rules flow up and down whether it’s IAM or Bucket Policies, etc.
  6. For each service, be sure to understand whether it’s Global, Regional, or Zonal and how that impacts the architecture.
  7. For areas that have lots of options (e.g. databases), know what the limits are of those databases that would push you towards a different option (e.g. Cloud Spanner versus Cloud SQL).
  8. Know how to get data into GCP, and when to use what option.

Good Luck!

After studying, head over to WebAssessor and register! Keep in mind, you can reschedule up to 72 hours in advance if you need. As far as the exam itself, you receive your Pass or Fail immediately, though you do not receive any details on how much you passed or failed by, or which areas you did well in — it’s a simple Pass or Fail. But, if you’ve studied the above and spent time with GCP, you should have no problems acing it!



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