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Scripture Prompt

Staying still under the Father’s wings doesn’t come naturally

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The Bible provides promise upon promise to us. Treasures at our fingertips — if only we’d seize upon them. Each promise stands as a testament to the goodness of Father God.

He is, was, and always will be the only constant in this shifting world.

Lavish loving-kindness is His gift to us. He is tender, merciful, and generous. And yet I still fumble and fail because I do not always choose to rest in His love. In my flesh, I fret and worry. …

Without a plan, we lack a roadmap to our goals

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I’m eager to step into 2021 after this year. Besides, there’s something intoxicating about a new year that conjures up hope and inspiration. At the end of 2019, I began dreaming and planning for my upcoming year as a writer. Creating a viable editorial calendar captured the number one spot on my list. It’s something I’d previously tried and failed to do.

Sadly, consistency isn’t one of my strengths.

I often find myself a prisoner of whimsy instead of operating by mindful planning. It’s part of my right-brained wiring. When I feel inspired, I write. When I don’t, vast stretches pass with no productivity. …

To recenter, we must escape the noise of life at the Father’s feet

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This year has been painfully difficult, making everyone eager to see it end. In no time, the calendar page will turn and present us with the gift we’ve been longing for-2021. A blissful new year. Hope and potential reimagined.

As I creep like a child to the edge of 2020 and peer into the unknown, I know there are things I need to leave behind. A scattered mind and fearful heart bullied me all year. They kept me from being my best self.

I fought back the best I could-praying and trying to be positive. Even still, my emotions got the best of me in 2020. …

A poem

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I saw my grandmother today —
Always with a cup of tea
and knitting needles clicking
as the television blared
daytime drivel.

I saw my grandmother today —
Putting coffee on for PopPop
before rinsing off the dishes
and telling stories
of a friend’s funeral
or neighborhood gossip.

I saw my grandmother today —
Angel pin on her shoulder
and devilish look in her eyes.
Polyester slacks and
coiffed hair lacquered in place.

I saw my grandmother today —
I snapped a photo of myself
while out on a blustery walk. …

A poem

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Final calendar page turns
like open arms
gently beckoning
this weary soul to rest.

I press my heart
and mind
and dreams
against December’s bosom.

Hold me close in your
hushed quiet
and teach me how
to live a new year.

Let me nestle here awhile
in December’s embrace —
a holy time laden
with hope.

Frosty breath and quiet nights
are rewards for
a long year —
pain and beauty mingled.

Let me stay a spell
before placing my feet
on the precipice
of what comes next.

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It can’t be both — at least not forever

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Earlier this year, I launched my author website. I did so because my first website, Earl Grey and Yellow, contains only Christian-focused content. I created it as a personal hobby blog without future pursuits in mind. It served as a therapeutic means of expressing myself after sustaining a serious back injury that ended my ability to run.

I designed my author website to be broader, covering more about life as a writer and providing commentary on a wider variety of topics. This would allow me to appeal to readers not looking for specifically Christian content.

While I am a Christian and a writer, not everything I produce is overtly faith-based. My faith informs what I will and won’t write about, but I wanted to increase my reach. I chose a website including my name for when I start publishing books (eventually). It also helps me point people to my work on other platforms like Medium.

She is powerful and free

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Ringing in 2020 felt so exciting before we knew better. A new decade, a blank calendar page — lots of hope and promise ahead. We barely got the champagne flutes washed and put away before COVID consumed our collective consciousness. Our shiny new decade became fraught with bad news. Instead of hope and promise, mysterious illness, economic hardship, civil unrest, and death have punctuated the news cycle for months.

To lighten the heavy-duty talk, I’d like to reflect on one of the best things to emerge from this garbage fire of a year. It’s been a personal renaissance for me and has changed the way I view myself and others. …

Leadership has failed families and educators during the pandemic

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I’m declaring war on foolishness, and I’m not even sorry.

Maybe it’s because I’ve reached midlife. Or maybe it’s just because this year has tested my limits in more ways I’d like to count. A variety of emotional tests, both big and small, have had their say in my world lately.

I’ve seen a lot of feel-good bloggers share sentiments lately about the return to school. Be positive. No matter what you think, put on a happy face. Kids look to us for how to react.

Okay. I get it, and I don’t totally disagree — but…

This school year is a garbage fire already. It is not great. It is not even good. It is what it is, and we’ll do what we have to. But I’m not selling it hard like it’s the best thing since sliced bread. …

Learn from those who are where you want to be

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Nearly five years ago, a debilitating back injury shifted my focus and changed the trajectory of my life. The whole story of my transition from injured runner to aspiring writer is one I still marvel at today. You can read about it HERE. Though it was a painful and difficult time for me, there was an unexpected silver lining.

As a result of that injury, I got back into writing again. I am working on becoming a published novelist. …

Listening to the right voice is key

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I don’t know many people living leisurely, stress-free lives. Probably none, actually. Jobs, kids, obligations, activities-all of these keep our foot on the gas, going and going at a pace that’s not sustainable.

While we may not be able to scale back some of the more fixed aspects of our lives, we do have some level of control. Some of the time thieves we encounter are of our own design. I know I’m the architect of my own time leaks more often than not.

Distraction sometimes feels like rest when it’s actually destructive. Scrolling social media, watching television, and not being selective about our yesses for non-essential activities all add up. We must be resolute in how we spend our time in order to get where we want to be. …

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