Are You A Professional Voice Over?

This question is one that many of us have struggled with when first starting. Not many people go directly into voice over. If you are like me, you dipped in you toe then slowly waded into the deep.

This rewarding industry has traditional been hard to get into. I mean there is no college course and degree program for voice over. It is one that most of us got into out sheer curiosity.

Today, however, the barrier to entry is low. No longer do you have to go to LA or NYC to get going. With a decent microphone, a preamp, some software, and treated recording space you can start.

Or can you?

Well being a professional voice over takes a steel will and dedication to the craft. You have to have to have coaching, you have to have coaching. Did I mention you have to have coaching? You have to get a profesional demo reel and then you are almost ready to go.

But when do you become a pro? When do you stop playing in the kiddie pool and start ‘being’ the professional voice talent that you imagined?

There are many paths to this. No voice talent I know got to where they are the same way. One key point that all of them did take on however, is working hard. More than anything you work ethic will raise you or sink you.

Yep. Even putting talent asside for a moment, if you out work and out hustle your competion, your chances of winning grow exponentially.

All of us started out thinking we were not as good as the next vo, but that is a mental game we play with ourselves. When you believe in yourself and your talent, you drop the fear and loce in your confidence.

Being a professional voice over doesnt happen in a moment. It is something that all of a sudden you are.

And you know it.

Get the best gear you can. Audition and even take on lower paying jobs if you have to to get your feet wet. Find a coach (i did say that beforw right). Emerse yourself in voiceover. Network with pers and work yor butt off marketing and honing your craft.

How long does it take?

How hard are you willing to work?