Do I Really Need A Voice Over Artist For My Explainer Video

Explainer videos and Whiteboard Videos are all the rage right now. Face it. They’re cool looking and keep your audience engaged. There is a case for using your own voice in the video, but can you really pull it off?

I have seen some great explainer videos (visually) that have crappy audio. There in is the problem. People may forgive bad video (just a little) but if the audio stinks then that is a whole other issue. What is funny is that when I talk audio, I am not talking about how the voice sounds. Im talking about the hissing, background noise, cars driving by in the background. That kinda thing.

You see the audio quality of the voice (even yours) with in a explainer or whiteboard video sets the tone and expresses the emotion that you want to come across. If there are clicks, noise, and distractions in the audio you could be losing listeners or even money.

Hiring a voice over artist for your explainer video or whiteboard video is actually super easy. Also it is not as expensive as you may think (unless you are going through agents and casting sites). The voice over artist of today is actually also (in many cases) a decent audio producer as well.

They know more than just how to interpret a script and give a killer read. They know how to produce clean audio with no background noise. I mean they can produce some crystal clean audio that represents you well. In fact most good voice over artists have full access to some of the best music and sound effects on the market (all royalty free so you don’t get in trouble for using the latest Beyonce’ song).

There are some great companies and platforms out there that can produce killer explainer video and whiteboard videos for you. Many of the DIY platforms out there even cool features so you can voice your own narration.

One problem though. When you use those plugins for your videos you get all that scratchy background noise along with it, with no way to take that out. Now if you are one of the elite out there that actually knows how to use audio editing software, you can fix that.

However if you want to look like a pro…sounding like a pro is important as well. The voice over artist of this new era is a rock star when it comes to all of this.