For the voiceover industry the Pay2Play sites seemed to be a godsend when they first emerged. In fact they were equally that for the companies that needed to find and hire voice talent.

However, in recent years those same sites have been being revealed to take advantage of all parties involved. Recent revelations e.g. of charging clients say $700 for a project and perhaps paying voiceover talent $350 (and still taking a percentage of that) is leaving a bad taste in the mouth of many.

Voiceover talent all over the world have flocked to many of these Pay2Play sites in hopes of getting a leg up in their careers, but are finding it a no win situation. Companies looking to hire voiceover talent are frustrated with the process as well.

For a company that needs to get a project done the process can be daunting. When they realize that potentially 100's if not 1000's of voice talent will audition and then they have to choose ONE! Also understand that there is no direct communication with the voice talent. All communication has to go through this third-party (the Pay2Play site).

These realizations, from the voice talent to the client, is now and will continue to cause a shift away from this model of hiring voiceover talent.

In this age of instant communication and immediate access, no one wants to waste time dealing with a middle-man. Especially when there are much faster and less expensive was to get the job done.

Using the hypothetical example above. Instead of a client paying a Pay2Play site $700 for the frustration of finding a voiceover artist, they can simply go direct, MUCH FASTER and for less money.

Think about this. If, let's say an eLearning company produces 10 projects a year. How many voiceover artists do they really need to interview and hire? All the need is a stable of lets say 5 male and 5 female good reliable voice over artists to use constantly to produce their work. The initial finding of these voiceover artists would take just a few days of simple research and direct communication to get exactly what they need.

Voiceover artists today do not have to rely on anything other than themselves in order to get clients. We are all over Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. and are easily found.

Moving forward the clients and the voiceover talent will be working much faster and smarter in order to produce work. All in a more convenient and economical way.

So what need does anyone really have for an overpriced middle-man?


The Pay2Play industry may be able to redeem themselves if what they did actually worked on a large scale for all involved as apposed to a small minority. Sure ther are some voiceover talent that are successful at using the system, but in mass the system is flawed for most voiceover artists as well as those looking to hire them.

Now from a purely business aspect the Pay2Play sites work. For themselves. Initially they found the pain points of an industry and presented a model to eleviate that pain.

Now however a newer better solution is needed. One that actually brings voiceover talent together with clients without the red tape in the middle that increases prices and slows up the production process.

There is a better way and we all have access to use it. Direct communication and reaching out between voiceover talent and those that want to hire us.