Why Is It So Hard to Pick a Voice Over for your Project? The answer my shock you.

Many businesses, production houses, casting agents, and publishers are becoming more and more frustrated with the process of finding and hiring voice talent. Since there is a new era of voice over artists and newer ways of doing business there is a need for new information.

Sure there are the casting sites and P2P sites like voices.com and voices123.com, but I am hearing grumblings from clients that show there is a frustration with using these sites. For one there are over 200K voice actors on some of these sites. They all have varying degrees of experience and expertise. This makes it hard to weed through thousands of auditions and select just the right voice.

I am going to be one of the first to say that this outdated method of hiring a voice over is about to change.

Let’s take a look at a scenario with you as a client looking for someone to voice your new corporate training (could be any genre though).

If you have never hired a voice over then the first thing you probably do is go straight to Google. In most cases if you type in “voice over” then you are going to come up with one of the popular pay to play sites. If you are unfamiliar with the term, all it means is that the voice actors have to pay a fee to the site in order to get a chance on auditioning for work from folks like yourself.

I will tell you this now that in many cases this can be a long and painful experience. Sure there are some great stories of companies finding just the right voice over, but if you google “voice over scam” you will see some horror stories as well. These sites serve as a middle man for people that simply won’t take a few extra steps to find exactly what they need. I mean we live in the age of instant gratification. Who really wants to deal with a middle man anyway. Did I mention that on these sites it is virtually impossible to access the voice talent directly?

When you have a project that needs to be done the first thing I would do is reach out to other companies like your own and ask about voice talent that they have used before. Nothing like a word of mouth recommendation, right?

If that is really not your thing, you can find voice over talent very easy on twitter, facebook, LinkedIn, etc. What you will also find is direct access to these voice over talent’s websites were we all have demos and you can sample our voices right there. Find a few you like, shoot them an email, and ask them to submit a sample reading of a portion of your script.

Now, please, when sending this email, I would also encourage you to ask for a live audition so you can not just hear them read your script with some written direction on the look and feel you are going for. NO! That is the old way of doing things.

Ask to do a live reading either via Skype or Source-Connect so you can not only hear them read your script, but give input to really see if this person can pull off what you need.

You going direct to the talent is the best way to do this. It is also the way that many people will be doing things in the future. You see things do and always will change.

But…You can keep doing it the old way.