Earliverse Roadmap — Chronicle #1

The constant rise of crypto and blockchain technology has changed the way many industries operate and develop. There doesn’t exist a more perfect merger than that between the Crypto and Saas solutions. Traditionally, Saas developers held all the power and offer subscription plans for their users. Now, users are empowered as partial owners and drivers of the Saas’s development, economy, and long-term sustainability.

That’s where Earliverse comes in. Built by absolute experts with unmatched experience in crypto and Saas development. Our goal is to grow the NFT space by building world class suite tools easy-to-use for everyone.

Our mission is to push the limits of users empowerment by catapulting them into being the ultimate protagonists and shapers of Earliverse suite tools.

Before mint

1- Build the Earliverse DAO Bonfire A community of creators, artists, developers, and NFT enthusiasts. Our discord server will provide networking opportunities for our holders. Our moderators will support our holders at navigating through the NFT-space by setting up release guides and other helpful information and guidance.

2- Introduction of Earliverse DAO App V1 Shortly before our mint, a demo version of the Earliverse DAO App will be available for everyone. Then after mint, only holders can use our app to gain insight on their total NFT-portfolio value and performance, as well as Drops and other valuable information about the NFT-Space.

After mint

3- Introduction of Earliverse Engage & Reward Program (EERP) a well-funded trading wallet where Holders can vote on what the funds are used for and how profits are distributed. Here’s why it’s a game changer:

a. Once a promising project is identified our team brings it up to the polling channel where members can vote on whether the EERP should heavily invest into minting this project or not. If the majority of members vote that they agree with minting the proposed project, we will move forward and attempt to create a partnership with the project in the form of a WL collaboration.

b. Purchase a blue chip off secondary. Community can vote on a specific collection that they want us to purchase (BAYC, MAYC, CryptoPunks, Doodles…). In the future when this blue-chip NFT is sold back, all the ETH from the sale will be distributed among holders.

c. Sweep the floors of promising projects. Community can vote on a project that is already released and has a promising future. We can sweep this project and hold it in the wallet until the community votes to sell.

d. Keep funds in the wallet and accumulate in order to make even larger plays when the time is right.

e. Chat channels where you can generally pick up the feeling around certain projects.

4- Introduction of Earliverse machine within our DAO App A platform that allows anyone, any group, any business to design, build, create and launch an Ethereum NFT project. Generate NFT art, metadata and set up the minting process — all without a line of code. To ensure that less experienced users can easily understand and use our UI, we decided to design our Earliverse machine as simple as possible. Basically, with this tool, anyone can do everything necessary to build a fully functional, Web3.0-ready NFT project at big or small scale. That includes generative art, whitelisting, minting, and airdropping, among other services.

5- Introduction of Earliverse Launchpad A Revenue Sharing launchpad for NFT projects. Holders will receive revenue from the Launchpad and take advantage of discounted Launchpad fees when launching their own project.

6- Optimization of the Earliverse DAO App With the space constantly changing, we are going to adapt and add more useful functions to maximize the utility and sustainability of our web-application. In our DAO Chat, holders can initiate voting about the implementation of new features and improvements within our app.

Ambition has always been the value of so many success projects, and we are not the exception. We will give some more updates everyday about this incredible journey so turn on your notifications because our marketing is kicking off and tons of huge announcements are coming soon ! 📣

Official links

Website : Earliverse

Twitter : Earliverse

Discord: https://discord.gg/XSGxRgM8EC



Our mission is to push the limits of users empowerment by catapulting them into being the ultimate protagonists and shapers of Earliverse suite tools.

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