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Basic income or job guarantee, or some combination in between. How does this tie in with the premise that in the 21 century there simply will be no need for everyone to do a 35-40 hour week, (45+ hours with commuting). Some have suggested the 4 day week, 21 hours a study by NEF which shows we are already there if one takes everyone of working age and divides it by the number of hours worked in Europe, with some countries such as Germany, Holland and Sweden going to even lower numbers. I dont think civilisation will collapse, and with all the the second hand stuff for sale, 99.95% of which can be fixed with the right skills rather than dumping it in the ground. We dont need an economic system that is based on producing “more shit that I dont need”. How about a 6–9 hour 4 day week, with a voluntary 16–17 hour week for the over 45 so they can do other stuff that is relevant in society, and the list of stuff to do is as big as ones imagination.