The End of History: 25 Years On
Kerry Smallman

The information era

Great post Kerry ☺

I agree with lots of what you say. I think the primary downfall of modernist predictions of entering posthistory is an under appreciation of the role of technology and the material forces in guiding history. If you look at the names of different historical era, then some are cultural (like the modern era, or the renaissance). But most era carry names like iron age, bronze age, industrial age. It is hard to predict how “now” we be remembered, but my guess is that the computer revolution will overshadow everything else. This will be the information era, or the digital era.

I’m sympathetic to the view that some political and sociological change is needed to better guide us towards a sustainable and rewarding way of life. However, again I suspect the interplay between technology and politics is underestimated. Social media has already became synonymous with revolution. Though it seems that democracy is due a more fundamental revision and that the internet will play a pivotal role the new political process.

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