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As a general thought, I noticed the trend away from traditional university anecdotally firsthand from a friend I work closely with in real estate investing. He was set to start studying Computer Science at CU Boulder this fall after finishing a 6-month data science bootcamp at Galvanize this past March. He actually withdrew/dropped out to save a bunch of money by switching to “online real estate investing school” instead. …

The following is a Facebook comment thread in response to this NY Times article:

It will be cleaned up into a proper blog post sometime in the future.

リアルスキ ブラデミル So I find all these “guides” and the promises they have misleading. If you actually look and read all these people espouse, they convince you to pare down your like to living on 30–40k a year for basically the rest of your life. They use their lifestyle to save a ton of money quickly (obviously having immense privilege to be able to do so), then move to a low…

The rich get richer and the poor get poorer partially for lack of sound financial education. It’s not part of the public school curriculum. It becomes up to the parents to teach their children financial literacy. Rich people end up teaching their children how to be rich, and poor people end up teaching their children how to be poor, if they teach them at all, since they never learned any other way. So how do we bridge that gap and take the poor and middle class higher?

Below is my comment response to the above image, modified to expand to…

This was originally a series of comments on a status arguing that space travel is less important than feeding the hungry, and that we should prioritize the well-being of as many people as possible on Earth before working on trying to leave the planet. My argument is that these problems should be worked on at the same time, and the first problem is not less important than the second one.

I have come to terms with the idea that inequity will always exist but I do find it important that we as a species try to both 1) establish baseline…

Slightly incoherent, pulled from my comments on Facebook, needs to be reorganized…

An increasing amount of Bitcoin mining is done right next to renewable resources such as hydroelectric dams and solar power and thus electricity costs are zero or negligible and carbon footprint is nothing. Most cryptocurrency mining doesn’t use fossil fuels, at least nothing compared to physical gold mining or especially not agriculture.

There is a financial incentive to place bitcoin mining farms where electricity is cheapest or free. Even if in the short term it uses a shit ton of electricity, it’s all relative. …

An excerpt from this public thread

People, ESPECIALLY KIDS, look up to these athletes and consider them role models. It is absolutely ridiculous and disgusting to see some of them kneeling during the national anthem. If you don’t agree with me then fine, but this act of disrespect should NOT be allowed in my opinion.

Earl Co #WhitePrivilege is saying a person of color should not be allowed to peacefully protest, particularly as a citizen of a country whose Constitution explicitly provides the right to protest.

Earl Co Those damn protesters in the American colonies, why can’t they just respect…

Technology Defines When Life Begins and Ends

Excerpts from a comment thread on this image:

If we have the technology to bring a “clinically dead” person back to life, the definition of clinical death changes. (Read more:

Similarly, if we have the technology to incubate a fetus to life, the definition of when life begins will also change.

When does life begin? At the moment, I agree with Week 25:

“A sizable contingent would assert that life begins at 25 weeks. The rationale for this starting point is based on our definition of death. The definition of death is…

The players:

Gary Johnson

Jill Stein

Hillary Clinton

Donald Trump

Bernie Sanders (because people wrote him in and more importantly at least one elector voted for him anyway)

In order to win the Presidency, one candidate must obtain 51% of the electorate vote. Not popular vote, but electorate vote.

If not one candidate obtains an absolute majority, the House gets to choose the Presidency out of the top 3 candidates with the most electorate votes, and Senate chooses the Vice Presidency out of the top 2 candidates with the most electoral votes. One vote per STATE in each house. Donald…

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