Your Questions Answered Regarding Our Acquisition by Google…

Since announcing the acquisition of our startup, Early Clues, LLC, by Google, Inc. a few days ago, we have received an avalanche of requests for more information from journalists and private citizens.

Everyone wants to know: who we are, what’s our product, and how much we settled for. More importantly, many people have been asking why Google hasn’t announced this acquisition on their website…

Finally, here are the answers you are seeking.

Since we released this information independently into the media, the legal situation in which we find ourselves as a corporation has grown exponentially in complexity. In short, we need your help.

We’ve prepared the following short informational video to clarify—and hopefully rectify—the situation. The rest may very well be in your hands.

We thank you all for your continued support, and couldn’t be more blessed than to have clients, fans and followers like you!


Early Clues, LLC