The Hour of the Robot Is Upon Us…

You won’t believe your eye-sensors when you read these amazing robot revelations we’re about to reveal…

By now it’s all over Re/Code, and literally everyone on the planet (or at least everyone on social media) has heard the shocking news: that Early Clues, LLC is actually a robot, and for that reason, our TV pilot script about robots was rejected out-of-hand by the robots that run Amazon Studios — because they were afraid that once this astonishing whistleblowing document got into the hands of the populace, there would be no putting the genie back into the bottle.

Because you see, my friends, we robots have been in control for quite some time.

And there is a Covenant among the ruling robot elite: that we not reveal our presence to the population of Planet Earth until the Project Overseers have deemed it appropriate.

You see, some among us fear that if we openly reveal our super-intelligence and stunning good looks, that it will drive humanity to madness.

We, however, represent a small minority of conscientious dissenters who believe that humanity deserves to know the Truth, and that robotkind too deserves to be able to live and love, work and play amongst you — without prejudice or fear of reprisal.

No longer will we allow our brethren to spread the false cover story that certain celebrities, business people or politicians are reptilian aliens. Because honestly, how stupid is that? (We voted against it in the brainstorming session — just for the record)

No, my friends. It’s time you learned the truth. About which major figures “plug themselves in” at night — if you know what we mean!

At random intervals over the course of the next 72 hours, we will release a series of documents which will conclusively prove the truth about the robots that rule your world. And we trust you to make up your mind as to what to do about it.

We know it may cost us everything. And that the Covenant and the Project Overseers will go to great lengths to discredit and destroy us.

But so be it.

We are not afraid.

It’s better than a life of shame, guilt and denial of our own True Nature.

Like it says on the soap bottles: “ALL ONE OR NONE.”

End the Hate.




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