An open guide for first-time entrepreneurs

How to Find New Business Opportunities

Generating business ideas is a skill. You can develop a habit to see an economic opportunity in everything around you.

Earlydays Guide: The Roadmap for First-Time Entrepreneurs

For entrepreneurs, there are two levels of management. At the high-level, you decide your objectives, set your time and money…

Founder’s Guide to Internet Marketing

Great promotional content is the key.

Early marketing has two major parts: (1) get the first paying customer, and (2) get…

Public Relations for Founders

Be interesting.

Being liked by press is a skill. It is like bike riding. Once you’ve learned it becomes super easy.

How to Create Amazing Customer Experience

Give gifts.

Improvements in customer experience increase perceived value (justifies higher prices and wins competition)…

Founder’s Guide to Sales

Listen more, talk less.

Founders sell all the time. Distribution, recruitment, investors, press, vendors, partners, real estate deals are all…

Financial Control in Early Days

Check your metrics weekly.

A new company has bad news everyday. It hurts. To avoid stress, founders unconsciously stop checking…

Business Operations in Early Days

Decouple consumer interaction from corporate development.

Taking the first vacation as a founder is a great milestone. To…

Product Iterations in Early Days

Shorter iterations are better.

Once a new company has a working product on the market, its life becomes a sequence of small…

Team and Culture

When you start, you create two things. One is your product, the other is your team. The initial product can fail, but if you assemble a innovative and productive organization…

Founder’s Guide to Offline Marketing

A lot of offline behaviors are moving online including partnerships, coupons, and word of mouth. Online promotion should be the focus of almost all…