Defending Public Education & Opposing DeVos on the Senate Floor
Senator Jon Tester

Jon, 60 years ago, when I attended public school, it was fundamentals and conservative (by that I mean unobtrusive and working at neutrality politically) teachers. Today, the dumbing down of education, the infusion of all the “important other teachings” the 50 days a year disrupted, days off, early outs and spring, winter, fall, teachers ed, etc vacations all serve to diminish it. We send lots of federal money, state taxes and local levies to our public institutions (appropriate term) and still the grades have fallen, math, science, reading, writing and speaking proper English have virtually disappeared for “Valley Talk” and we are at least a generation behind other nations. Many of us, myself included with my grandson, use charter schools to evade and avoid the problems of run-away education in public schools.

A hundred years ago, we educated the population with public schools, Today, we must prepare for many better choices. The public school system is the horse and buggy while the car is blaze, the jet is 50 years old and rockets and drones are at our doorstep. Time for someone — please let Betsy try — to move us along.

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