7 Best Ways to Get More Instagram Followers in 2019

How to get more Instagram followers?In this guide I will show you all the tricks and strategies to increase Instagram followers quickly. All the methods you will see are tested and functional and within a few weeks you will find yourself with thousands of followers from all over the world.

Most Followers on Instagram:

In this list you will find all the most efficient ways to increase followers on Instagram, starting from the most obvious and banal to those less known but extremely effective.

1)Post original photos and use filters that attract attention

This technique may seem obvious but it is essential to get results on Instagram, remember that the goal is not only to get followers but also ensure that they continue to interact with you … otherwise all your work will have been useless and many people will soon stop following you.

2) Like,comment and follow

Putting several likes or commenting on the photos that interest us, many people will reciprocate with a follow It would seem absurd, but trust me it’s true.

3)Use many popular hashtags

This is one of the most functional strategies … Insert several very popular and relevant hashtags to your photo, it will increase the likes very quickly. To find out what the most popular hashtags are, I suggest you go to Top Hashtag, or use the Tags For Like app.

4)Follow hashtag #firstpost

Type the hashtag “firstpost” in the search bar and follow as many people as you can. It is statistically proven that newly registred people are more likely to reciprocate the follow-up. If you too will use this hashtag you will be able to receive follow-ups from people using the same technique.

5)Connect Instagram to Facebook

About 30% of Facebook users have an account on Instagram and many of your friends will have no problem following you here too.

6) Use InstaZood Bot

This is a bomb and you’ll increase your followers very quickly: InstaZood. This program is actually a bot that allows us to automate almost all the points listed, that is to follow / stop following, like, comments, etc .. it will do everything automatically.

This program is paid but we are still provided with 3 days of trial. In just three days you will immediately notice the power of InstaZood.

If you decide to buy the prices very low and all the interactions that you can get on your profile will be real, targeted and of the highest quality. Strongly recommended! Visit the Website click here, Alternatively in this post you can know → 3 Best Instagram Bot for Likes and Followers

7) Post at the Right Time

Not everyone knows but posting at certain times increases your engagement. Choose the right times, which are usually after 5 pm (especially on Monday) and Sunday will increase the efficiency of your post.