Top 3 Best Instagram Bots for Likes & Followers in 2019

What is the best Instagram Bot of 2019? What offers more functionality and allows you to achieve the best results at the best price? In this article you will receive an answer to all these questions.

In this new article the best tools that allow you to increase your followers on Instagram.

Thanks to these Bots and their functions, you can increase followers and likes very quickly.

What is Instagram Bot?
A Bot is basically a Software that automates the process. The key to being successful on Instagram marketing is to be consistent on Instagram; you should be active, find new customers and get in touch with them via following, liking and commenting. This can be easy at first but after some time, it will get exhausting and a waste of time, like other repetitive routine tasks.Instagram bots, work as an Instagram marketing assistant for you. They like, comment and follow other users automatically, so they would get curious and check your account out, and if your content were interesting enough for them, they would follow you.


InstaZood is considered one of the best Instagram bots on the market today, and certainly as the most complete of all, and the most convenient to use thanks to its intuitive graphical interface.

  • Instazood was founded in 2016 and its headquarters is in Atlanta, USA
  • Offers a wide range of automation for Instagram: autoloke, autofollower, autocomment, unfollow, including the ability to target the public through hashtags, localization and other accounts
  • Offers a post scheduling and scheduling service
  • Comment tracker, which is the ability to read, reply, organize and delete comments from a single dashboard
  • It offers an Auto DM service, which allows you to manage the automatic sending of direct messages (private messages) to a targeted segment of accounts
  • Offers the ability to buy like Instagram and video views
  • Free trial of 3 days

Boostgram is another of the best bots. It is probably the most complete at the moment. In addition to the ability to automate likes, followers and unfollow as well as most bots, you can even schedule posts.

Yes, you can upload photos and then decide when they will be published on your profile. In this way, a large part of your activity on the Social Network will be automated.

  • Auto-Following / unfollowing
  • Auto-Like
  • Post programming
  • Self-sending of private messages (DM)
  • Creating lists
  • Search for users, hashtags, photos and comments by location
    Manage multiple Instagram profiles.
  • Website:

My attention was immediately captured by the simple and minimal graphic interface, which recalls that of Instagress BOT.

  • Subscribe to Instaswell
  • Link your Instagram account
  • Insert the hashtags, the related accounts and the place of reference
  • Select the type of activity you want to carry out: auto like / auto followers
  • Website:

Note:The Instagram bots, if used in moderation and criteo, can make you reach interesting results. Especially if the goal is to increase followers on Instagram and consequently develop an associated business.