review, Scam or Legit?

Apr 18 · 1 min read is a faucet that promotes new cryptocurrency.

Owners that want to promote their cryptocurrency can open a faucet on to get exposure to their coin.
The faucet promotes multiple coins, and you get a couple of free claims each day to claim the cryptocurrency. The claims run on a timer. When you run out of claims the timer resets to 24 hours and you need to wait till the timer runs out to claim again.

You can withdraw each coin instantly. Which you can do to withdraw to your personal wallet or exchange to sell the coins for your preferred coin.
If you claim the most popular faucets (PLUS1 or Braz) you can use Southxchange for both to exchange your free cryptocurrency to BTC.

There are tiers of claiming.
Free members usually get around 100 satoshi, but premium members can earn up to 1000 satoshi or more. Upgrading can be profitable depending on how much you claim each day.

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