Earneo Ambassador
Earneo Ambassador

Following the launch of Earneo Tube and Earneo Mobile app, we are on the lookout for passionate and talented leaders to tell the world about Earneo.
This program is a way for some of our supporters to become more involved in the project and help us grow and keep the community engaged.

What is Earneo Ambassador Program?

We are looking for passionate individuals that are willing to be the face and voice of Earneo. Anyone is welcome to apply to become one of our Ambassadors but obviously we won’t be able to accept every applicant.

We expect our Ambassadors to be involved with our community. …

Q — Which are the other crypto competitors for earneo.? What the earneo makes different from them?

R — Hello,

For us, the crypto ecosystem is still young, competition means that we are on the good track and that there is a demand for the product, we are all here to bring crypto to the mass adoption 👍

Q — I love crypto and I am a user of some exchanges already and as a user, I am buying coins and selling it especially coins that is new, while it is being introduced to the market because the price or the value gives me the good impression as it was launched but sadly days or weeks pass by it suddenly goes down and as a trader, I have no choice but to wait for it to go up again and hold the coins. My question is, what promise can you give to your investor or buyer that Earneo will not dump in the market as soon as it launches since there are many new coins today that suddenly broke or dump and hard to pump again?

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Artistic creation allows people to express how they feel in many different ways. Expression can come from painting, sculpturing, writing, speeches, photography and even video.

Video is one of the most useful expressive tools. We can incorporate all forms of artistic creation into it. We can sing, dance, talk… Then easily save it and share it for the whole world to see.

However, it is not easy to have the world share your videos and quickly become an overnight success. It takes time and effort. But, with the right tactics, you’ll be off to a great start.

Just bear in mind that the right techniques aren’t enough to make you worldly successful. It is necessary to have entertaining content.

You can have the best camera, microphone and lighting, but if your video content sucks, it will just be another ordinary video. …


Earneo — Create, Watch, Earn

Fairer Video sharing platform. Contents creators, Viewers, Moderators. Earn what you deserve.

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