Snapparazzi Latest Announcement : Exclusive Stack Bonus Incentive

Now we have entered into the exciting post-ICO period, we really need to maximize our potential.

During this crucial time, our goal is to :

  • Strengthen our community
  • Reward our supporter whom believe in this project since the VERY beginning
  • Reward the new buyers

What is the SnapCoin bonus Stacking and what is it for?

Bonus stacking intends to award SnapCoin token holders (including new buyers and airdrop-ers).

Within 12 months after the ICO, on the last day of each month (at 12:00 GMT), starting from January 2019 and ending January 2020, all the SnapCoin Hodler will receive bonus.

Here’s How it Works

In order to receive SnapCoin Bonus, simply HODL your SnapCoin (!) at the specified time on your address.

Make sure that you have full access to the address where your SnapCoin is stored, including access to private keys.

The team will publish the annual schedule of stack bonus incentives very shortly.

Join our social media and official Telegram group to keep up to date.

Where should SnapCoin be stored to receive the stacking bonus?

To receive the bonus, SnapCoin tokens must be stored on an address to which you have full access, including access to private keys.

Bonuses are credited to all addresses that have SnapCoin balance.

Make sure you move your SNPC from exchanges to your private address (Metamask, MEW…) to receive the bonus = SNPC on Exchanges can’t be rewarded

How to Purchase?

If you missed the opportunity to obtain SnapCoin Tokens in the ICO, and wish to benefit by taking advantage of our current bonus offer, SNCP is now available to purchase through the following exchanges:



Will I receive a SnapCoin stacking bonus, if I purchase on the exchanges?

YES, you can purchase additional tokens on the exchange to receive a bonus.

However to get the bonus, make sure that SNPC tokens are currently on the address to which you have full access, including access to private keys.

Thus, the SnapCoin tokens purchased on the exchange should be withdrawn from the exchange to your address to receive the bonus.

To become a safe bet, we need you more than ever…Exciting times!

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